Visiting with the New Ruger Wrangler Budget Rimfire (VIDEOS)

Examples of Ruger’s new Wrangler .22LR revolver are filtering out to the market and the initial feedback seems positive. Richard Mann with Empty Cases checks it out in a quick 60-seconds video, above, calling it a “great first gun for a son, daughter or wife.”

What Ruger basically did with the Wrangler was to produce a Vaquero version of their classic Single-Six series .22LR revolvers– it even takes the same grip panels– but at less than half the price. How cheap? The MSRP is $249 if that tells you anything. caught up with Ruger last month at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indy and got the low-down on specs.

For a much deeper dive on the entry-level rimfire revolver, 22Plinkster opines on the new gun for almost 12-minutes in the below. “If you want to get into single-action without spending a lot of money and still want a quality revolver, this one will do it,” he says.

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