V Seven Weapon Systems debuts Helios Compensator

The Helios is a titanium compensator designed for CQB style weapons. (Photo: V Seven Weapon Systems)

V Seven Weapon Systems expands its series of titanium accessories for the AR-15 platform, announcing the new Helios Compensator.

The  Helios is an ATF approved linear compensator that is crafted from 100-percent corrosion resistant Grade 5 Titanium. V Seven Weapon Systems says the purpose of the compensator is to compliment close quarter combat style weapons by directing muzzle blast and sound signature forward and away from the shooter. In addition the company says the device moderately suppresses flash and reduces felt recoil.

The Helios adds 2.2-inches to the overall length of the rifle. (Photo: V Seven Weapon Systems)

Measuring 1.25-inches in diameter and with an overall length of 2.75-inches, the compensator fits neatly into most rails adding only 2.2-inches in length to the AR-15. The Helios tips scales at 2.8-ounces and features several sizes to accommodate multiple calibers. Sizes include 1/2×28 for 5.56 NATO, 1/2×36 for 9mm, 5/8×24 for calibers up to .338 and 5/8×32 for 458SOCOM.

Available in two finishes — raw Titanium or DLC black — the Helios compensator from V Seven Weapon Systems ships with a crush washer. The compensator is priced just under $130.

The compensators are available in either raw Titanium or a DLC black finish, pictured above. (Photo: V Seven Weapon Systems)

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