UNSUSTAINABLE: The Globalists’ Have an Agenda for World Domination ~ WATCH

by Elias Alias

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- As keepers of the Oath, we at Oath Keepers support and defend the Constitution to which we swore allegiance. Part of our mission is to promote knowledge about the Constitution to the widest possible numbers of Americans.

Part of that outreach mission, for the past nine years, has been the promotion of the writinngs of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., who is a premiere authority on the Constitution and the culture, societal mores, and lives of the generation which won Independence in our Revolution and wrote the Constitution to create what today we call “America”.

Dr. Vieira works with James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment fame. Together, they have produced nine powerful, feature-length, star-studded, documentary films about various aspects of the Constitution. They bring together movie studio capabilities with expert wisdom and knowledge of the Constitution, and their feature films are now online for free viewing by anyone on the Internet. (See link below please)

These Constitutional films are enhanced by the presence of nationally known names of men and women who champion a return of American governance to Constitutionally granted and enumerated authority. In these movies you will see former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul; essayist and political analyst Patrick Buchanan; book author and founder of Freedom Force International G. Edward Griffin; Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.; and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes. The line-ups are powerful, the knowledge imparted is very valuable to all Americans, and the professional production coming through James Jaeger’s Matrix Entertainment studios in Pennsylvania is superb.

Because of these qualities, Oath Keepers has been working with Matrix Entertainment for nine years, starting in 2010 when Oath Keepers heralded the world premiere of the movie “Cultural Marxism” at the Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman, Montana. Since then, Oath Keepers has shared opening credits in five major movies – MOLON LABE; MIDNIGHT RIDE; GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS; MAINSTREAM; and now, UNSUSTAINABLE. See all of these movies for free HERE. Just enter your email address and there you are! (And tell your friends about this!)

Yes! James Jaeger has a new bombshell movie under way! In what promises to be this year’s most important documentary film, James and Dr. Vieira are taking on the United Nations and its “Agenda 21/30” — the globalists’ plan for a one-world government. This new film will expose the UN’s plan to over-ride our Constitution, take single-family homes and personal automobiles from Americans, confiscate large swaths of lands within our States, disarm all citizens, and over-ride personal property rights.

Sound impossible? Of course it does. But it’s true, and this new movie by James Jaeger is going to show all Americans just how far Agenda 21/30 has already been implemented and how swiftly it is moving toward completing its goals. This movie will encapsulate the sort of “out-of-the-box” thinking which got James Jaeger black-listed in Hollywood — and — the movie will show how James has overcome that obstacle in a most ingenious way. Yes, when James would not follow Hollywood’s mandates for the preferred narrative, they simply dumped him. But being a visionary individual with tons of personal will-power, James Jaeger came up with a plan, and Oath Keepers has been a part of that plan for nine years! Here is a passage from James Jaeger’s recent progress report which explains how Oath Keepers and Matrix Entertainment studios bypasses the greed-gods of Hollywood to get some truthful Constitutional films made.

“UNSUSTAINABLE will be our 10th feature-length documentary. All of our other 9 documentaries are at www.HomeVideo.net — up free for the public. Donor-financing makes this possible because we do not have to recoup investors.


“UNSUSTAINABLE could be the best one yet because it summarizes and relates many of the subjects in our previous films. This includes subjects like NAFTA, the Fed, police state, the Second Amendment & Militia System, Deep State, entrenched political parties, illegal immigration, borders, socialism, cultural Marxism, Mainstream Media. UNSUSTAINABLE, in essence, ties these elements and subjects together into one comprehensive movie….”

See? James figured a way to tap into “People Power”, which, after all, is greater than Studio Control Group Power! Hollywood would never make UNSUSTAINABLE, because Hollywood marches to the globalist agenda same as the major New York media (fake news) as covered in his film, MAINSTREAM. Given these obstacles, it is important that we all push hard to spread public knowledge of the Constitution through these nine remarkable full-length films all made available for free public viewing. This newest film, UNSUSTAINABLE, will be James’ and Dr. Vieira’s tenth (and possibly best!) movie to date.

You can honor your Oath by supporting the production of this ambitious film. Here’s how:

Help make it possible to start doing interviews. We have to hire cameramen and crews and send them around the country to get these interviews so go to www.UNsustainable.us/donate and send in what you can. We will acknowledge you with a Production Assistant, Production Associate, Associate Producer, Executive Producer or Producer screencredit in the MAIN or END titles of the completed movie.

Marching orders for all Oath Keepers, Patriots, Constitutionalists, and Red Blooded Americans!

  • Donate HERE! www.unsustainable.us/donate
  • Synopsis of the movie is HERE http://www.mecfilms.com/unsustainable.html#synopsis
  • Trailer is HERE http://www.mecfilms.com/unsustainable.html#trailers
  • Narration Script is HERE http://www.unsustainable.us/un_script.pdf
  • Budget is HERE http://www.unsustainable.us/un_budget.pdf

Let’s get it done! America needs to know what the globalists have in store for us, how they plan to over-ride our Constitution and plunge our nation into full-blown subjugation. Please don’t hesitate — DO IT NOW! Go to http://www.unsustainable.us/donate/ and do what you can. (Scroll that page to find how to send in a check or money order, if you prefer U.S. Mail over electronic donations.)

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Oath Keepers and Matrix Entertainment
Sincerely Thank You!

Oath Keepers

About Oath Keepers:

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like-minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us, God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.

For more information, visit www.oathkeepers.org.

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