Universal Cellular Adapter Changing the Landscape of Trail Cameras


USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- When the CELL-LINK by SPYPOINT, arrives on shelves in the spring of 2020 almost every current trail camera user will have the opportunity to take advantage of the digital scouting tools SPYPOINT has developed.


Trail camera users can connect the CELL-LINK to the cameras they are currently using via the SD card slot, regardless of manufacturer. In a matter of moments, customers can turn their traditional non-cellular trail cameras into the most advanced digital scouting tools anywhere. The CELL-LINK can also convert your current cellular camera to SPYPOINT to take advantage of the affordable photo transmission plans, including the FREE 100 image plan.


The CELL-LINK will transmit photos directly to the free mobile app, where scouting tools like the SPYPOINT BUCK TRACKER filters and FULL-HD Photos on Request transfers have led the industry in performance and value, and where new features for 2020 like mapping and weather integration are set to make SPYPOINT users be the best hunters they can be. These new app upgrades will be available for CELL-LINK or SPYPOINT cellular camera users later this spring as well.

“The goal for SPYPOINT in 2020 was to remove every possible barrier for hunters who want to be as efficient, educated and successful as possible,” remarked Natalie Gatien, Vice-President of Marketing for SPYPOINT. “We don’t want past trail camera purchases to exclude hunters from being able to take advantage of the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE. The CELL-LINK is the bridge that allows more hunters to step into cellular trail cameras and advanced digital scouting, without needing to scrap the products they already have.”

The CELL-LINK uses the standard SD card slot on almost any traditional non-cellular trail camera, not just SPYPOINT models, to transfer the images to the CELL-LINK unit itself, which then transmits the photos via the LTE cellular network. Like SPYPOINT LINK-series cellular trail cameras, the CELL-LINK will be available in two carrier models. The Nationwide model will connect to most any national carrier network carrier with the exception of Verizon, which can be connected to by purchasing the V model.

Because photo transmission plans and other details are managed right in the SPYPOINT mobile app, and not connected to a personal cell phone plan, hunters have the flexibility to choose the CELL-LINK carrier model that delivers the best cellular coverage at the location the camera will be used. SPYPOINT users can have a mix of Nationwide or V model devices in their account, based on the needs of the locations where the camera is placed, maximizing flexibility and making things as easy to manage as possible.

Gatien concluded, “the CELL-LINK is affordable, easy to use, and delivers the full compliment of digital scouting features in the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE. This really is a game changer.”

The CELL-LINK will be available at retailers in April, with prices as low as $59.99. To learn more about this and other SPYPOINT products, visit www.spypoint.com.


From its beginning as a three-employee startup in 2004, SPYPOINT has been focused on innovation and evolution. Since launching our first cellular cameras in 2012 we’ve become the category leader by continually innovating and bringing new products and experiences to our customers. As important as the cameras are, the next evolution for SPYPOINT is developing the most advanced, complete digital scouting system available, the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE. To learn more about SPYPOINT products and technology visit www.spypoint.com.

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