TWC tests a $99 NFA-transferable suppressor (VIDEO)

Sure, you can build your own for less and risk making close friends with the ATF but the Wound Channel goes in-depth with a suppressor maker who has a legit $99 can.

TWC visits with Joseph from El Paso, Texas-based Rebel Silencers who are making a .22  can (the “Rebel 22,” go figure) with a 6061 aluminum tube and 7075 aluminum interlocking baffle stack (17-4 stainless optional) that takes down for easy cleaning. Just 4.6-ounces in weight, it accommodates 22 LR, .22 Mag, .17 HMR in both pistols and rifles and has standard 1/2x28TPI threads.

Now if lawmakers and the firearms industry can get suppressors off of the NFA so there is no stamp…

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