Triple C Shooting Range : World-Class, Down-Home Shooting

Scratch your Texas-sized trigger-finger itch from 25 yards to over a mile when you visit the Triple C Shooting Range Ranch in Texas.
By Kevin Reese

Triple C Shooting Range Shotgun Bay
Triple C Shooting Range Shotgun Bay

Texas –-( Off the beaten path, a rock entrance gives way to a serpentine road, winding seemingly aimlessly through live oaks, tanks, fields teeming with bawling cattle, wily song dogs, whitetail deer… and a shooting range, the likes of which are seldom seen—not just in Texas but anywhere! Fortunately for me and many others near DFW, it’s a short ride over.

Triple C Shooting Range

TripleC Shooting Range
Triple C Shooting Range

To paint an even more blissful picture, the Triple C Shooting Range is perfectly nestled deep within a working ranch just outside of Cresson, Texas. (map directions)  More than your cookie cutter range ripe with concrete shooting benches, disappointing yardage and range officers with an axe to grind, the Triple C is steeped in friendly lone star hospitality, stunning rural Texas beauty and enough steel to erect a bridge over the Trinity River.

Even better, you won’t find any holier-than-thou, warden-minded range officers at the Triple C, just top-shelf folks aiming to keep people safe in a low stress environment rich with rural Texas sights, sounds… and shooting stations of all kinds, from pistol bays to extreme-range lanes, sprawling across the heart of the ranch.

While shooting can get pretty boring at short-distance ranges, especially in a concrete jungle, I can’t imagine anyone ever getting bored at a place like Triple C where matches are always on tap and virtually every trigger-itch, rifle or pistol, gets scratched like a boss.

TripleC Shooting Range Bay Covers keep you out of the sun and the rain
Triple C Shooting Range Bay Covers keep you out of the sun and the rain

In a nutshell, an exceptionally large one, the Triple C Shooting Range is comprised of a range office pulling double duty as a pro shop, 13 covered long-range rifle lanes, 15 pistol and shotgun bays, a zeroing range and a small-arms training range. Triple C is open year-round with 3-gun, IDPA, steel and long-range matches scheduled monthly. An array of handgun, carbine, zeroing, long-range and personal defense training classes also are scheduled throughout the year although at virtually any time, on any day, members are assured shooting lane and bay accommodations even when training and matches are in full swing. Of course, these matches and training courses are a great way to stay on you’re A-game.

The Triple C Shooting Range also has no cease-fires on long-range stations since shooters are never permitted to go downrange; steel targets are furnished—believe me, there are plenty—and they are painted at least twice or three times per week. Each of the long-range lanes are roughly 15 yards apart so crowding is never an issue and members actually own the rights to the lane while they are present. Pistol and shotgun bays also are robust. Each target area is roughly 25 yd. x 25 yd. and many bays remain open even during competitions. That said, members own the rights to their bay while they are shooting. Covered areas and tables are positioned between bays and offer shade, gear setup, socializing and a relaxing place to eat some grub with friends.

The zeroing range offers one single and a double shooting bench, and target lines at three yardages: 50. 100 and 200 yards. A large training range is adjacent to the zeroing range with more than enough room for large personal defense, carbine and handgun classes. Directly across from the zeroing range is a row of long-range shooting stations with steel targets out to 1,000 yards. Driving from the zeroing range a short distance toward the entrance, a turn off takes you to four shooting lanes with steel targets out to 2,000 yards. Driving from the zeroing range toward the range office and pro shop, visitors are greeted with numerous match-shooting areas and a number of obstacles, perfect for 3-gun. Continuing down the road, visitors reach the 15 pistol and shotgun bays on the left just before reaching the range office and pro shop.

TripleC Shooting Range Pro Shop
Triple C Shooting Range Pro Shop
TripleC Shooting Range Pistol and Shotgun Range
Triple C Shooting Range Pistol and Shotgun Range
TripleC Shooting Range 2000 Yard Range
Triple C Shooting Range 2000 Yard Range

While the place may be called the Triple C Shooting Range, calling it a range is something of a significant understatement. Tucked into that rich rural Texas landscape is a veritable shooting mecca. While match coordinators, weekend plinkers, competitive shooters, precision marksmen and personal defense enthusiasts roll in every day and virtually every hour the Triple C is open, there is more than enough room for new members. As many days as I have spent out on the ranges, I have never felt squeezed out—NOT ONCE; in fact, many times it seems I have the bays, zeroing range, distance lanes all to myself—talk about no pressure! As much as I like challenges, I also love lazy days of trigger time and small talk. I get it all at the Triple C Shooting Range.

Need to scratch that itchy trigger finger? Looking for some low-stress trigger time? In the mood for some challenging match shooting no matter your level of skill? After personal defense, handgun, carbine or long-range training? Maybe you’re just on the hunt for new friends and a great group of people. Triple C has it all. Seriously, the first time good friend, fellow outdoor writer and marketer for Night Fision Sights, Jacob Herman, took me to the Triple C, I was in love. Thank God this shooting paradise is just a short drive down the road.

Alycia Burks Shooting at TripleC Shooting Range
Alycia Burks Shooting at Triple C Shooting Range

Recently I paid Jacob Herman’s kindness forward and befriended range visitor Mike Burks and his competitive shooting daughter Alycia at a multi-gun match. I caught up with them again this past weekend and immersed them in some long-range fun. Neither had shot more than a couple hundred yards but by the time the sun set, they were hammering steel at 1,000 yards.

Now Alycia is looking forward to more long-range shooting… and future matches. Opportunities like this simply wouldn’t exist without a range like Triple C. Imagine the possibilities…

The Triple C Shooting Range is open daily and offers three membership access packages: $550 per year for access to the bays, zeroing range and 600-yard range; $800 per year for everything the lesser package offers plus the 1,000-yard range; $1,000 per year for access to all-access, including the 2,000-yard range. Family members can be added for nominal fees and each access level includes day passes for guests at nominal fees; the all-access membership also includes five free guest passes. Day passes also are available to the public. Based on access levels, day passes cost just $25, $40 or $50. The Triple C even offers free range tours!

To learn more about the Triple C Shooting Range, schedule a tour check out their range calendar, visit Triple C is also on Facebook as Triple C Range ( and Instagram (@TripleCRange). Of course, you can always email, call 817-727-8411 or visit the Triple C range at 14333 Cleburn Highway, in Cresson, Texas. Tell them, Kevin sent ya and I’ll see y’all there!


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