TrigFit ST1911 offers three triggers in one for the 1911 platform

The TrigFit ST1911 trigger looks to allow 1911 lovers the ability to better tweak their triggers. (Photo: TrigFit)

TrigFit kickstarts the new ST1911 3-in-1 trigger designed for the 1911 platform, introducing the new patent pending creation on crowdfunding site Gun Dynamics.

Developed while working with a handgun submission for the U.S. Army’s XM-17 Modular Handgun System, the ST1911 was crafted to allow soldiers to easily reconfigure handguns in the field. Ultimately, the ST1911 was never formally introduced into the MHS competition; but the new trigger is now landing on the pages of Gun Dynamics.

TrigFit says prior to its creation, 1911 shooters were relegated to only four sizes of aftermarket 1911 triggers, choosing from short, medium, long and extra-long. The ST1911 aims to alleviate this issue with its “let the trigger adjust to fit the finger” tech. The technology grants owners the ability to custom adjust their trigger to any length with a single unit.

The trigger is a drop-in style but the company suggests a certified gunsmith installs it. (Photo: TrigFit)

Upon arrival, the ST1911 is configured for the shortest pull but can be adjusted to extra-long with 10 rotations of the adjustment key. The adjustment ket is marked so users can track trigger length during the adjustment process. Once the trigger is set and key is removed, the trigger is automatically pressure-locked securely in place.

The TrigFit ST1911 is a drop-in, fitting into most 1911 frames with no custom fitting required, but the company recommends a certified gunsmith installs the trigger.

“What makes the ST1911 so effective and fun is the platform’s patent pending ‘Echo Calibration’ technology which provides the shooter with the ability to adjust the ST1911 to his or her finger in real time. This allows 1911s fitted with the TrigFit ST1911 trigger to be passed from hand to hand while allowing each shooter to custom adjust the trigger to a comfortable position,” TrigFit said in a press release. “Experts and novices alike enjoy the discovery process of calibrating their ST1911s to their desired length.”

The TrigFit ST1911 is currently getting action on the Gun Dynamics crowdfunding site. With a goal of $50,000, the trigger has raised $3,135 and has an expected ship date of September 2018.

The ST1911 is configurable thanks to an adjustment key that can be rotated to achieve short pulls up to extra long pulls. (Photo: TrigFit)

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