Totally Unsurprisingly, Brazil Begins Gun Bans Ahead of Lula Inauguration

Totally Unsurprisingly, Brazil Begins Gun Bans Ahead of Lula Inauguration, iStock-1438967019
Totally Unsurprisingly, Brazil Begins Gun Bans Ahead of Lula Inauguration, iStock-1438967019

U.S.A. – -( “Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday banned registered gun-owners from carrying firearms in the federal district until after the inauguration of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in reaction to recent episodes of political violence,” Reuters reported Wednesday. “Justice Alexandre de Moraes temporarily suspended licenses that permit hunters, marksmen and collectors to carry guns, firearms and ammunition in the region where the capital city of Brasilia is located.”

“Temporarily”? It supposedly “will be in place from Wednesday evening to Jan. 2, the day after Lula’s inauguration.”

With the justification of criminal political violence being used to direct the ban against Brazil’s “law-abiding” gun owners, don’t be surprised if further developments result in an indefinite extension and for the number of “sensitive locations” to be expanded. And note a key admission is being left purposely unstated: that the only thing about prior restraints and permissions that really work is telling the government who has what.

Because the people this is directed at have submitted to all the required licensing hurdles, including establishing a “genuine reason” like “hunting, target shooting, security,” that they are of “minimum age” (25), have undergone a background check and “firearm safety training,” reapplied/requalified every three years, and registered their guns.

The people this won’t affect are the non-“law-abiding.” “Unregistered and unlawfully held guns cannot be counted, but in Brazil there are estimated to be 2022: 1,500,000.”

As for the election, in many ways, it mimics what happened in the United States’ last election. Two strongly ideologically opposed factions, extremely close results, and valid questions of legitimacy right down to challenging the reliability of electronic voting machines:

“Party leader Valdemar Costa and an auditor hired by the party told reporters in Brasilia that their evaluation found all machines dating from before 2020 — nearly 280,000 of them, or about 59 percent of the total used in the Oct. 30 runoff — lacked individual identification numbers in internal logs.”

Nothing to see here! Just as in the U.S., concerns are dismissed by “experts” as “baseless,” and the courts are siding with that view. It hardly seems out of line to note that the judge who ruled incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro’s allies must pay “US$4M” for challenging voter fraud also sits on Brazil’s Supreme Court, which issued the disarmament ruling and earlier ruled against Bolsonaro’s attempted relaxation of gun laws.

And while the Reuters report limits incidents of political violence to Bolsonaro supporters  (while describing him as “far right” for effect), what we see is the “mainstream media” (what I call the DSM or Duranty/Streicher Media) is taking a page from the same playbook that it used to tie all Americans who question the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s election in with the low-hanging fruit handful that allowed themselves to be suckered into the Capitol.

They cite one incident:

“On Saturday, a man was arrested for attempting to set off a bomb in protest of the election results and said Bolsonaro’s call to arms inspired him to build up an arsenal.”

Was he wearing a buffalo horn hat?

The bottom line is we don’t know who the provocateurs may be, and very few in the media seem inclined to investigate, particularly since one other significant factor is well known to all the “journalists” covering developments:

“Brazil’s Communist Party leader Luciana Santos called on the left to ‘occupy the streets’ to guarantee a Lula victory in the second round of presidential elections…”

Note Reuters didn’t call Lula “far left”…?

That’s what he is, and a bribe-taking criminal to boot, turned loose by the same Supreme Court opposed to Bolsonaro not because Lula was innocent but on a “legal technicality.”

And no surprise because we know Lula’s demand for wider citizen disarmament is a keystone issue in the communist platform (so much for egalitarian power-sharing!); the report notes the request for the disarmament zone came from the Lula camp. And, again, no surprise, we see the obligatory “Only Ones” exemption:

“The prohibition does not affect members of security forces and employees of private security firms.”

So as Brazilians prepare to repeat the past with a “monopoly of violence,” don’t be surprised to see a return to “the good old days”:

“Brazil’s police ‘execute thousands’” the BBC headline declares. “You couldn’t really investigate complaints because you knew there was this curtain of silence that was always present,” former police ombudsman Professor Julita Lemgruber claimed, adding, “that she had personally dealt with cases in which summary executions had happened.” “A lot of these killings are quasi-executions, with shots to the head and the heart,” a representative of the human rights group Global Justice told The Houston Chronicle, which reported “police in Rio and its suburbs … have taken the lives of more than 4,000 people in the past five years … In the worst massacre in Rio’s history, police officers gunned down 29 men, women and children on the night of March 31.”

In the meantime, returning to the leftist playbook, look for Brazilians who question the election and defy tyrannical disarmament to be attacked and marginalized as extremists, criminals, racists, and “deplorables,” just like here. And just like here, they’re picking a fight to the finish with people who are proud of their heritage, vested in freedom, and not likely to grovelingly surrender their birthrights to their moral inferiors.

“Gun stores and shooting tournaments are popping up all over Brazil,” NPR reported in August. “They include the massive Schützenfest, held in southern Brazil where many people are of German descent, and is a combination of beer-drenched Oktoberfest and shooting guns. An average of one new shooting range per day has opened during Bolsonaro’s nearly four years in office, Brazil’s UOL website reported.”

Combine that with the following:

“‘Every city’ in Brazil filled with protesters claiming election fraud Possibly largest demonstration in history ‘and the global media is crickets’.”

This isn’t over. And we in the Land of the Second Amendment may learn a thing or two before it is.


In an editorial comment-laced “news” story rife with loaded terms and leftist-sympathizing sentiment, The Washington Post tells us Jair Bolsonaro has flown to Florida. Don’t be surprised if that’s not enough for the Lula regime.

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