This Week on Shooting USA – 2019 USPSA Multi-Gun

2019 USPSA Multi-Gun
2019 USPSA Multi-Gun

Nashville, TN -( It’s the USPSA Multi-gun Nationals, where the open division shooters are taking speed to the next level with pistol, shotgun and rifle, for a chance at the national title.

Plus a World War Two gun that officially wasn’t a gun at all, but it’s now one of History’s Guns.

Then NRA Members see what’s new in Indianapolis at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

And Colt Pro-Shooter Mark Redl has a Pro-Tip to help improve your handgun accuracy at longer distances. More Info…

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CCW and the Lessons of El Paso and Dayton
If there’s anything to learn from the carnage in El Paso and Dayton, it’s that self-defense has never been more important. That Gun-Free Zones are Killing Zones. Time to remind you we have the tools to let Gun Free Businesses know you’re not risking your life shopping there.  See the resources we provide at this link:

Defending the 2nd by Example in the 26th Year

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