This is not your average Marlin 336 cowboy gun (VIDEO)

Jeff with Practically Tactical covers an old department store “thudd-thuddy” that has been redone in a major way.

Officially a Glenfield Model 30A — the no-frills big box version of Marlin’s 336 lever action rifle made in the 1960s and 70s– it had seen a lot of hard use before Jeff got his hands on it. Outfitted with a cracked but heavily lacquered birch stock and a chipped forend, the original wood was in bad shape. This led to a series of wood repairs and a new M-Lok compatible forend by Overwatch Precision and Midwest Industries. Fitted with XS sights and a Holosun 503 on a modified scout rail, the old-meets-new Marlin has a solid upgrade over the legacy open sights.

Yeah, it looks kinda funny, but purists can’t knock it too much as Jeff took a beater with little collector value and made a great usable little brush gun with a lot to offer.

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