The top five new products from Strike Industries at 2018 TriggrCon (VIDEO) stopped by the always innovative, always quick to market, Strike Industries at 2018 TriggrCon to see what was new on tap. Josh Reed, Sales Associate for Strike Industires, showed off some of the new goodies, including some which have been in development for a while.

The first product he shows is the brand new PDW brace. There has been demand for Strike to release a PDW brace based on their existing PDW Stock, which was the first actuated PDW stock on the market. Reed even informed us there has been a social media calling for #releasethebrace, “we know, we’re with you, we just wanted to make it right.” Reed went onto tell us that depending on which safety set you want to run you can have it able to fire in the collapsed position. Look for that to hit stores in the next two-three months.

Next up was the riser mounts, the R.EX Riser is a low profile riser while the T1 profile will give a higher boost to the optic. Following up the optic mounts was another mount, this time for your M-Lok handguard. The angled QD mounts from Strike allows you to put an angled mount anywhere on your handguard, giving you a backwards push and it stays out of the way.

The Glock talk was next on the list and leading the way was the Glock Gen 3 compensator. “We’ve been working on it for nearly two years,” Reed said. They have a few loose ends to tie up but hope to be in production by Q4 this year. Reed walked us through the trigger shoe and sight systems, all fully adjustable at home, before getting to the bell of the ball. Smiling like a kid on Christmas Day, Reed showed us the latest development to come out, the new Glock slides.

“We’ve talked about it for a while in-house … what we wanted to do is remove as much weight as we could, while retaining the ability to use a standard spring, and also retaining beef where you need it,” Reed said. But beyond being able to have it work really well they also told the designers “make it look like a Strike Industries product” meaning that it needs to work good and look good. The slide lives up to that and should be a lot of fun to shoot when they make their debut for sale right around Christmas time. Following up the G17 slides will be G19 slides coming out around Q1 next year.

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