The Red Wave of the National Rifle Association

Red Wave of the National Rifle Association
Red Wave of the National Rifle Association

U.S.A.-( The NRA Foundation hosts fundraisers through Friends of NRA between 1,100 and 1,500 times a year. These draw around 250 people per event. This means the NRA Foundation physically sees about 5% of the total NRA’s membership once a year. While the $70 million raised every year goes to support youth and scout shooting sports and safety programs, women’s defense programs, programs for disabled veterans, and law enforcement. These meeting also act as a bell weather for the shooting community and the activism of the gun owning community.

Participation in up and the monies raised is up. WAY UP!

No other organization sees as many of its members in small groups the way the NRA does. National conventions are nice, but the ability to touch so many members is unique to the NRA and the NRA Foundation.

So what are the NRA members saying? They’re asking one question “How can we help?”.

I’ve said this before; gun owners only get politically active when their rights are threatened. 120,000,000 gun owners realize that our rights are at risk. Today and for this upcoming political cycle, our rights are under attack like never before.

40%+ of registered Democrats want the 2nd Amendment REPEALED! 80% want the banning and confiscation of all semi-automatic firearms. To be blunt I’m not sure they know what they’re being polled about, but the numbers are what they are.

The anti-Trump left thinks the NRA is responsible for DJT’s election, and so they attack the NRA. We’re called terrorists, and baby killers all in an attempt to marginalize the NRA … to silence our voice. All the rallies, the attacks on the NRA, and the name calling are not intended to save lives but to rally votes and to damage or destroy the NRA. They are intended to limit the ability for the NRA to help protect our rights.

A little perspective:

I would propose to you that Barack Obama’s statement that as a Constitutional Law Professor there were real limits to gun control soothed enough fears to let him become President.

I would propose to you that Hillary Clinton’s calls for the banning of all semi-automatics and gun confiscation angered enough gun owners that is cost her the Presidency.

11 Children die every day from texting while driving. That’s 2X the annual number of people killed by guns when drugs or gangs are not involved. That is like ten school shooting a week.

11 Children die every day from texting while driving.
11 Children die every day from texting while driving.

How come no one wants the age to own a cell-phone raised to 21?

The activist left is not about saving lives, they are about ending your rights so they can win elections.
Gun owners only become political when they’re attacked and when our rights are under assault. The anti-gun left called for the repeal of the 2A, and the confiscation of firearms. Will you stand up for your rights and create a red-wave or will you sit on your hands and let your guns be confiscated?

So what can you do?

Join the NRA, write your congressman (here is a link)

Stay informed and subscribe to the NRA-ILA newsletter. I have a link for that too!

We can turn the tide, smack these bastards so hard in the next election that they learn not to touch our rights. You in?

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Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.