The poignant questions to ask gun control supporters (VIDEO)

A couple weeks back highlighted the story of Gabby Franco, how she gave up her dreams of Olympic shooting in Venezuela to come to America in pursuit of a new dream. It’s a lengthy story that details the ups and downs of giving up something you love to pursue a better life. Toward the end of the video Franco asked some very pointed questions which should be asked of anyone who wants to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. These questions are not only serious in nature but relevant to the discussion of gun control on a broader level. The blurb that really caught me and stuck with me was this one: “Criminals they don’t follow the law. Yeah, let’s say they don’t have firearms, they can come at me with a knife, how am I going to fight them off? Is my life not valuable enough? Or is it OK if I’m raped?” Franco asked “Should I live with that?”

She goes on to say talk about how the government (whom many gun grabbers would point to as a source of protection) doesn’t really do much to prevent crime or violence. This was of course affirmed in the Warren v. District of Columbia case where the judges fell back on a public duty doctrine stating “the duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.”

So Franco’s questions, as pointed and uncomfortable as they may be for some to answer, should be asked of anyone who wants to abolish the Second Amendment. She is a petite woman who, even if she was an 8th degree Black Belt, would have a hard time fending off an attacker twice her size. She is ready to keep fighting for the Second Amendment and asking the tough questions, are you?

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