The Orlando Massacre: An Excuse for Gun Control

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia laments "Due Process is Killing Us"
Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia laments “Due Process is Killing Us”
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington, VA -( It’s now time to for us to look at the Orlando Massacre and to examine the child-like level of hysteria in the media.


The media, politicians, and gun controllers are once again happily dancing in the blood of innocent Americans, as this, they feel, is their best chance to push gun control since the Sandy Hook massacre.

They pulled out their current wish list for gun control and dusted it off: banning AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles, magazine-size limitations, using the “Terror Watchlist” or some other federal bureaucrat generated list to deny the ability to purchase a firearm indefinitely, Universal Background Checks, confiscations, complete gun bans, and more.

What I have watched is an absolute feeding frenzy in the media, so intense that they’ve dropped all pretenses that gun-confiscation is not the end goal for them.

While it’s refreshing to at least hear the truth from the gun grabbers for a change, it reminds us that WE are in a war to protect our gun rights and in fact ALL of our liberties in the Bill of Rights which are now threatened.

Pointing A Finger In The Right Direction Requires Guts The Media And Many Politicians Don’t Have

In the eyes of media and many politicians, ISIS and other terrorist groups aren’t the problem. The actual murderer is not the problem. YOU AND I are the problem. And the best tool for self-defense that was ever created is the problem, too. <eye roll>

Why blame gun owners and guns for the massacre? Simple. The media fears that, unlike peaceful American gun owners, ISIS might target them if the media points the finger in the direction of the real problem. So cowering behind their keyboards, the media goes after softer targets that pose no threat of a vicious retaliation.

Those who support disarming Americans have replaced the term “gun control” with “gun safety” while continuing to advance the same tired gun control measures in an effort to 1) scam Americans into thinking that they really are interested in gun safety instead of disarmament and 2) appear to be doing something even though they know that none of their so called “gun safety” measures would have prevented the terrible massacre. All of this is to avoid tackling the REAL problem — radical Islamic terrorism.

Self-Defense-Free Zones Made The Killer’S Job Easy

Time after time, massacres happen in so called “gun-free zones.” That is not a coincidence, but a direct cause and effect. The media and many politicians are in total denial and will never admit that their beloved self-defense-free zones are one of the most dangerous places to be.

Getting Around That Pesky “Due Process” Thingy By Using The “Terrorist Watch List”

How to disarm as many people as possible? Hmmm. Well, there’s the mental health issue – just keep lowering the bar. There’s also the option of using more and more misdemeanor convictions. Oh, and how about if we create a secret list and make it virtually impossible for innocent people to get off of it once some faceless, unaccountable bureaucrat throws them on it? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

NO! Civil rights are never lost without due process. Due process protects our rights and gun controllers hate it, accordingly. And we must fight any attempt to do an end run on due process. (In an recent interview, U.S. Senator Joe Manchion, I KID YOU NOT, laments due process, saying, “It’s killing us!”)

Real Solutions

There are solutions that will actually work to help minimize future massacres or at least keep the death count low:

  • Get Rid Of Gun-Free Zones – ALL of them! No more soft targets.
  • Constitutional Carry in all 50 states – make carrying a gun, concealed or openly, as common as carrying a smart phone. Terrorists and criminals will be outgunned everywhere they look.
  • No more gun bans, none. The better armed American citizens are, the safer we will be. An armed society is a polite society.
  • Minorities, gays, and other historically anti-self-defense groups need to wake up and rethink their prejudices against gun ownership

Taking On A Major Fight For The Soul Of This Country

A very real, and very serious, full-frontal attack is now underway on our right to keep and bear arms. We all need to be active in this fight or pay the price.

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