The Need For Collective Defense In The Second Amendment Community

Take Action Time to Act
Take Action Time to Act

United States – -( Some recent events need to warrant some serious discussion among Second Amendment supporters. The takedown of Jimenez Arms and the defeat of Letitia James’s efforts to dissolve the National Rifle Association are alarm bells that must be heeded.

You don’t have to like either entity to recognize that both are vitally important to the Second Amendment community. There is always a need for an affordable means to exercise Second Amendment rights. The $199 gun you can buy and practice with beats the firearms you’re still saving up for in terms of short-term effectiveness, and Jimenez Arms provided that until its apparent demise.

We’ve discussed the NRA and the implications of what James was doing multiple times. Suffice it to say, the NRA’s survival is a good thing for two reasons: First, the constant hate directed at it provides cover for other pro-Second Amendment groups at the federal, state, and local levels. Second, its “single-issue” focus provides a broad coalition of supporters – which has been very handy in the past. Remember how John Dingell helped defeat an effort to destroy gun shows after the Columbine shooting?

That victory came because Second Amendment supporters from all walks of life banded together and stood strong against efforts to attack our freedoms. They didn’t all have the same tactics, but they all had the same end goal.

There are some cases where we need to police our own ranks because bad Second Amendment advocacy is worse than just sitting on the sidelines. But is it too much to ask that our internal dispute not get handed over to a Letitia James or others who seek any excuse to hamper our ability to make the case for the Second Amendment?

If anything, when Everytown comes after a Jimenez Arms, or when a Letitia James wants to shut down a pro-Second Amendment group, the entire Second Amendment community needs to stand up and be counted. Anti-Second Amendment extremists need to be made to understand that messing with one gun owner – or one part of the Second Amendment community – will generate a response from all of us.

Our enemies have played “divide and conquer” against the Second Amendment community for far too long, and some groups have become very good at it. It’s time to make that strategy fail, because doing so is in everyone’s interest.

The fact is, if we are to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists at the federal, state, and local levels via the ballot box in the upcoming midterms – or any election for that matter – we need to be unified against those who would attack any part of the Second Amendment community.

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