The Media, Terrorism and the AR-15

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AR-15 Rifle
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Etobicoke, ON -( Once again, another lunatic claiming allegiance to ISIS has taken innocent lives in a tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida. All caring human beings recoil in revulsion at this senseless loss of life.

On behalf of the members of Canadian Shooting Sports Association, we extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

While the world has been shaken by this terrorist attack against innocent people, the mainstream media has gone into another feeding frenzy. Against ISIS? The people who would kill us all in the name of their twisted, psychotic definition of the way the world should be governed? Or against a health care system where people with serious mental illnesses go untreated? Against a police agency that left an armed murderer in with the helpless victims for three hours?  Against the F.B.I. that dropped the ball on this terrorist, not once, but three times?

No. They ignore the terrorist animals that burn people alive; cut off the heads of school children; throw homosexual men off tall buildings; and sell girls and women as sex slaves. They ignore the tens of thousands of people who can’t get mental health care services when they’re ill. They ignored the law enforcement agencies whose policies seem so sadly lacking.

In predictable fashion, the target of the moronic media is the inanimate AR-15 rifle.

For the first couple of days, the media breathlessly spun ludicrous stories about the talisman-like evil of the plastic gun. Descriptions ranged from 700 rounds per minute to “enormously powerful.”  A death dealing menace to be sure, they claimed.

Problem is that the initial reports were wrong. The firearm used was not an AR-15. It was a SIG Sauer MCX rifle – not even an AR-15 variant in the fanciful eyes of the RCMP lab.

MEDIA:  “The AR-15 used in the Orlando murders should be banned because of this slaughter. What is your thought on that?”

The CSSA:  “It wasn’t an AR-15 according to the FBI.”

MEDIA:  “Oh … uh … That doesn’t matter, we should ban the AR-15.”

The CSSA:  “Then why did it matter 30 seconds ago?”

MEDIA:  “Oh …uh … We should ban the AR-15.”

So there it is. The un-whitewashed truth of the agenda of the mainstream media is to advance its gun control aims. It has nothing to do with people being hurt, or terrorism or public safety. It is about banning guns, pure and simple, and the AR-15 (and all others remotely like it) is the gun de jour.

Any pre-conceived notions of civility have gone right out the window. The media blames the NRA and to some degree, the CSSA, for the murderous carnage committed by admitted terrorists. Anti-gunners call us vile, profane names and hurl ill wishes at us, and even at our families. Here’s an example:

“If you can get MORE than 50% of the Canadian population to ask for less gun regulations, then you shouldn’t be asking at all for changes! You people are sick and disgusting. You are everything that’s wrong with humanity. You should gather the 25,000 idiots that signed your petition and all point the guns at yourselves!”

You do NOT represent the majority against your bullsh*t.

Now go shoot yourselves kindly!”

-Kerri (last name withheld because we are civil people)”

The polarization of our society continues to be fueled by loony people whose hatred seems to know no bounds, where emotion trumps fact and obscenities have become the norm. The current AR-15 debate has nakedly exposed the contempt the media and the antis have for us, and it seems their loathing knows no bounds.

It’s going to be a very long haul.

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