The island where guns are required by law (VIDEO)

Deep in the far northern regions of the Arctic Circle is a remote settlement where its not just a good idea to carry a rifle, its mandated.

Officially part of the Kingdom of Norway, the archipelago of Svalbard, formerly known as Spitsbergen, is among one of the most isolated in the world. With a population of just over 2,600, almost two-thirds of the island chain is covered in glaciers and, in the more northern parts, the polar night can last over 128 days.

With that in mind, it made a good idea to locate the Global Seed Vault there as sort of a Noah’s Ark of plant species as a hedge on the apocalypse. There, guards at the worlds most hard to get to garden center keep a 24-hour armed watch against random polar bears.

Speaking of which, the prospect of bumping into such bears makes it mandatory that all residents and visitors, if venturing out of town, pack some heat as detailed in the video by Tom Scott of Amazing Places above.

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