The Dogs of War Are Close ~ American Spring

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

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USA –  -( I think it is about time that we speak up and say in public what millions of Americans are already thinking.

If politicians (like Newsom in CA) or the paid lackeys from the Bloomberg/Soros camps, think that the majority of Americans are willing to give up their guns like the Australians, they are dead wrong.

I will state here and now, for the record, if these demented individuals succeed in passing laws to severely restrict, ban and ultimately confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens:

THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Their laws will turn lawful citizens into criminals due to the possession of what were once legal firearms … THEY WILL NOT TURN THEM IN!

If federal, state or local agents are dumb enough to come and attempt to take them….. there will be more bloodshed than at Gettysburg. We are not talking about the so-called militia guys or gun fanatics…. we are talking about regular, working class Americans who cherish their Constitutional rights…

They will take up arms, just as they did many years ago to protect those rights….and it will be the beginning of the second American Civil War.

For those ignorant progressive/socialists who believe that it could never happen here, I would like to remind you that your communist brethren in Yugoslavia did not believe it either. Civil Wars are happening all over the world… Syria, Libya, Egypt and not many years ago, Iran. Do you honestly believe that the U.S. is exempt?

There are over 100 million firearms in the possession of law abiding American citizens…. and thanks to Obama, there are more AR platform rifles in private hands than anyone ever imagined prior to his election. Collectively those Americans outnumber all of the military/police personnel by over 50 to one, and they possess more ammunition that the U.S. Army has in all of their arms depots.

The progressive and liberal anti-gunners need to face facts….. you can’t close the barn door after the horses are out……. the horses (firearms) are out, and they are never going back. The United States is not Australia or the United Kingdom.

The only thing that any reasonable individual can expect is to enforce the laws already on the books and punish the criminals who commit crimes with their illegal weapons. If the progressives and liberals are actually ignorant enough to believe that they can legislate away our 2nd Amendment rights, they are mistaken (and that includes the lame-duck’s executive orders).

This country has already become deeply divided by a president that considers our constitution a “flawed document”…. all that is needed is one more “straw” to push us into an American Spring. And, if that happens, the next civil war will not be North against South, it will be Patriotic Americans against the Unpatriotic Progressive Socialists.

With all of the above said, we implore the Bloombergs, Bradys, Clintons, and yes, even Obama….. do not push the country into another civil war.

We realize those of you who are progressives, liberals and socialists don’t believe that such a thing is possible; but remember, neither did Czar Nicholas of Russia.

Jim Clary
Jim Clary

A final note, John Hopkins researchers just published the results of their study on deaths due to medical errors in the United States. If you add up all of the deaths due to firearms, suicides and car accidents and doubled that number, it would not equal the deaths due to medical errors —- 251,454. Deaths due to medical errors is now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease and cancer.

Our question is….. “Why don’t the progressive/liberal elites address that problem instead of making up stuff about gun owners and firearms?”


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