The Crescent Report: The Fatwa

By the Constitution Party of Milwaukee County

Pamela Geller
Pamela Geller
Constitution Party Of Wisconsin (CPoW)
Constitution Party Of Wisconsin (CPoW)

Milwaukee, WI -( Upon learning of an assassination plot, Pamela Geller said in an interview with CNN, “They targeted me for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn't do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily. This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against this savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?”

She also added, “Drawing a cartoon warrants chopping my head off? I don't understand it. What happened to give me liberty or give me death?”

Pamela Geller may know the facts of Islam, but has yet to view Islam for the evil that it is.

What does Charlie Hebdo, Salman Rushdie, Ayatollah Khomeini, Moataz Al-Hallek, Usama Rahim and the Garland attackers have in common with Pamela Geller? The answer is the Fatwa.

Here is how some Muslims themselves define the term:

“In recent years, the term ‘Fatwā' has been widely used throughout the media, usually to indicate that a death sentence has been dealt to someone or some group of people. The limited use of this term has resulted in a limited understanding of its meaning. ISCA therefore offers the following statement to elucidate the true significance of the term “Fatwā.”

“A Fatwā is not by definition a pronouncement of death or a declaration of war. A Fatwā is an Islamic legal pronouncement, issued by an expert in religious law (Mufti), pertaining to a specific issue, usually at the request of an individual or judge to resolve an issue where Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), is unclear. Typically, such uncertainty arises as Muslim society works to address new issues – issues that develop as technology and society advance. ‘Can a Muslim be involved in cloning?’ for instance.” (Or the weighty matter, Is shaving Islamic?)

“We might compare a Fatwā to the legal ruling of a high court or the Supreme Court, depending on the authority of the Mufti behind it. However, a Fatwā is not binding as is the verdict of the secular courts; while correct and applicable to all members of the Muslim faith, the Fatwā is optional for the individual to respect or not.”

A Fatwa can be issued to an unlimited jurisdiction, and the only limitations are the popularity of the Mufti declaring his pronouncement, which is a recipe for abuse, which is why the term is associated with a death decree. In 1989, an Indian Muslim named Salman Rushdie wrote a book called the The Satanic Verses. The Ayatollah Khomeini called upon all Muslims to murder Mr. Rushdie, this decree was a Fatwa.

In America, today we have an example in Moataz Al-Hallek, originally from Damascus Syria, has served as an Imam in the US since 1986. He also serves as an advisory member on the Fatwa standing committee of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in North America.

While we do not have quotations from Imams or Mosques about the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, the Danish Newspaper or the attacks on Pamela Geller, we suspect that Fatwas have been decreed in these cases, because each person or group of persons has been attacked multiple times by attackers who had no connection with each other, except their Islamic views. Of course, all of these attacks would have not occurred had Islam not existed, which is another argument for why we must begin to imagine a world without Islam, and work toward that goal.

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