The City of Bloomington is Now the City of ‘Bloombergton’

City of Bloombergton, Minnesota
City of Bloombergton, Minnesota
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

USA -( Unfortunately, as we indicated earlier, the Bloomington City Council was dead set to advance the Bloomberg-funded agenda to restrict your gun rights.

The council voted in a vote of 6-1 to enact what is now the most restrictive anti-gun zoning ordinances in the state.

They’ve given themselves over fully to the Michael Bloomberg anti-gun agenda.

A significant number of pro-gun folks came out to testify tonight, from Bloomington and the surrounding areas.

We want to take a moment to thank our members and supporters from Bloomington and nearby communities who came out to argue against this unconstitutional and ineffective legislation.

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus General Counsel Ben Rust testified against the ordinance, clearly pointing out that the proposed buffer zones around gun shops will do nothing for public safety – and that no facts had been introduced to support this argument.

Gun Owners Caucus logo
Gun Owners Caucus logo

Many council members noted that the only reason they voted for the ordinance is for “perceived safety.”

This was a tough loss. But, we can have our revenge in 2018 when the city council will be up for re-election.

We’ll remember – we hope that you will too.

We need your help to continue to fight against ordinances and anti-gun city councils like this:

We’re stronger when we’re all pulling in the same direction, together, to defeat the anti-gun forces. Join us today!

Yours in Liberty,

Bryan Strawser

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