The Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures Truck Upgrades to Cap-Pack!

Joining on for Cabela’s SportingDog Adventure’s 2016 Season 6 is Cap-Pack!

The Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures Truck Upgrades to Cap-Pack!
The Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures Truck Upgrades to Cap-Pack!
Sporting Dog Adventures
SportingDog Adventures

Delavan, WI -( Fans will see a new vehicular storage system in the Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures truck this year – or maybe they won’t even notice it! It’s the new Cap-Pack, a truck cap storage system that discreetly installs into just the upper reaches of your cap – taking up room that you would never use anyway!

“I was so excited to have the Cap-Pack installed in my F150,” says Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer of Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures. “But what I can’t believe is the incredible demand we have seen when we show it off at sport shows!”

Almost unnoticeable, the sturdy but lightweight Cap-Pack holds up to 100 pounds of gear, from shotguns and ammo, to clothing and tools, and at an incredibly friendly pricepoint.

“The market was ready,” says Jake Izydorek, President of Cap-Pack. “Folks are tired of cumbersome and expensive truck storage systems. The Cap-Pack gets your gear stored safely and out of the way, but still leaves you all the room in your truck bed for the big stuff like kennels, decoys, or large tools like generators and conduit benders.”

The Cap-Pack is quickly and easily installed at any Leer, Raider, or Century truck cap dealer. You can also check it out anywhere the Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures truck travels this fall! More information on Cap-Pack is available at

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Jeff Fuller began in the sporting dog industry in 1998, when he was given “Lily,” a chocolate female lab, as a gift. Since then, Soggy Acres Retrievers Kennels has grown to producing some of the nation’s top chocolate, black, and yellow retrievers with excellent lineage, many of which have gone on to Senior and Master hunt titles. More information on Jeff’s kennels is available here. To learn more about Sporting Dog Adventures “Like” us on Facebook.