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Oregon – May 31st. 2023 is the final day to obey the Biden crime family’s demented dictates restricting pistol braces or face possibly decades in prison.

To be clear, it is our position that the Biden administration is the single most corrupt and dangerous organization ever to inhabit (or infect) the White House.

Federal law enforcement agencies, long engaged in unconstitutional acts, have been weaponized far beyond what most could have imagined a few years ago.

We know the FBI has been compromised, and the ATF has a very long history of attacking and entrapping American gun owners.

So moving forward, it would be wise to assume that those agencies will do everything in their power to attack you, prosecute you, and imprison you if they view you as the enemy. If you are a law-abiding gun owner who believes in the Second Amendment, you are the enemy.

If you have taken it a step further and identify as Christian or have opposed pornography in your children’s schools, consider yourself a high-value target.

While the legal landscape on the Pistol Brace Rule is changing rapidly, here is what we can tell you about the way things are today.

A federal court in Texas has issued an injunction against the enforcement of the pistol brace rule, but ONLY FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE.

While the internet is abuzz with opinions about who those people are, it is NOT CLEAR.

No two lawyers agree on what it means because the current orders are still very ambiguous.

In the Mock vs Garland case, the Texas case in question, the court issued an injunction to cover the “plaintiffs” in the case. One of the plaintiffs is the Firearms Policy Coalition. FPC then requested a clarification from the court to determine if the injunction covered their “members.”

It was no surprise that the state, whose only mission is to crush the freedoms of Americans, actually objected to the request for clarification. That is how despicable this administration is that they would actually try to block a clarification of a court order.

While the court did issue a “clarification,” it only added to the confusion.

Currently FPC is taking the position that if you are a member you are covered by the injunction. We think that is an open question, however we still believe that you should join FPC. If they are right, that is a layer of protection for you. And while it will not prevent federal goons from arresting you, it may be a defense later on.

If FPC is wrong, you have still joined an organization that has been very active and aggressive in fighting for your rights.

If you choose to comply with the Biden dictates, it is impossible to say for sure how you can do this.

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The ATF has said you have until May 31 to attempt to register your pistol as a heavily regulated short-barrel rifle. Keep in mind the ATF’s job is to entrap you. If you DO attempt to register your pistol as an SBR you will have given this dangerous agency a written and signed document stating that you are in illegal possession of an NFA firearm.

You could also turn in your firearm to the ATF. (Which again is an admission that you are in unlawful possession.)

But otherwise, every possible response is a crap shoot.

The imbecile head of the ATF has stated publicly that you can comply by simply removing the pistol brace.  However, the ATF has issued a “ruling” saying that is not sufficient. But there is no agreement on what is.

Keep in mind, this is the same agency that has stated, in writing, for years, that pistol braces are perfectly legal. So do not, under any circumstances, trust or believe anything they say, even if it is in writing. They will gladly prosecute you for something they told you is legal.

And don’t trust anything any individual ATF agent tells you. Ever. If you ask ten different ATF agents a question, you will get ten different answers. If you ask one ATF agent a question ten times, you will get…ten different answers.

It certainly does not appear that removing the brace will protect you. It does not appear that removing the brace and storing it offsite will protect you if the authorities believe you can have ready access to it.

While some interpretations are that the brace must be “modified” so it cannot be reattached, there is no direction for what that means and is essentially tantamount to destroying it.

Some interpretations are that the firearm has to be modified so a brace cannot be attached, but in our opinion, that is impossible. Any “modification” could be reversed so it’s hard to imagine what modification you could make that would not still leave you in the crosshairs.

This leads to another unknown. The ATF (and others) has stated that one possible workaround would be to put longer barrels on your AR pistol, but we have not seen anyone discuss whether you can simply put your pistol brace on any AR rifle you may own.

If you do that and still own an AR pistol, are you out of compliance again because you still own both?

And since it is the American Gestapo’s position that you would be breaking the law by having a pistol brace, and a pistol that would accept it, because now you are in “constructive possession” of a short barrel rifle, how can you legally own any AR with a telescoping stock and still own an AR pistol? Would not your possession of the stock on the AR rifle also give you the means to quickly construct a “short barrel rifle”?

While adding a conventional AR telescoping stock to an AR pistol would certainly make it an SBR, we have seen no discussions about whether it is legal to own a pistol and own a stock, which of course, is not regulated at this time.

The reason you are not likely to find answers to these questions is because there aren’t any. This entire mess has been cooked up to create criminals while violent psychopaths walk free and real criminals are streaming across our borders.

So unless and until this is resolved, we strongly recommend that you exercise extreme caution and take whatever steps you can to protect yourself.

The Rogue federal agencies have countless ways to suspect you of having a pistol brace. If you purchased yours online, the records of the dealer can be obtained by the feds. If the dealer does not keep those records the names and addresses in their mailing software can be easily obtained by federal agents.

While the likelihood of any individual being targeted in the early days of this ban is low, please keep in mind that the Biden administration is vindictive and determined to make an example of as many gun owners as possible. One only need to look at the treatment of the scores of prisoners who have been abused simply for being at the mostly peaceful protest on January 6th.

Do not take this lightly. Be prepared.

Our Federal trial in the Measure 114 case begins in early June. At this time, the state has shown no inclination to follow the clear directives of the Supreme Court. So we are certainly facing some challenges. The trial in the separate state case, where a judge in Harney County has issued a temporary injunction against 114, is in September, so we do not believe that 114 can take effect before that.

No matter what happens this fight has a long way to go. If you can contribute to the legal battles, we are always grateful.

You can make a secure online donation here.

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