Texas Pro-Gun Legislation Becomes Law Sept. 1st 2013

September 1st…

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-(Ammoland.com)- Dear TSRA Members, Family and Friends:

Please read the NRA article below, published in the August issue of NRA's First Freedom magazine. The information was also included in a statewide alert to NRA members.

Texas: Key Pro-Second Amendment Law Changes to Take Effect this Sunday
Posted on August 28, 2013

The Texas Legislature passed a record number of pro-gun measures before adjourning its 2013 regular session on Memorial Day. A number of these new laws will take effect this Sunday, September 1:

  • SB 1907 by state Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) and state Representative Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Lexington) prohibits public and private colleges and universities from adopting administrative rules banning the possession, transportation and storage of lawfully-owned firearms and ammunition in private motor vehicles by students and visitors with Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHLs).
  • SB 299 by state Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) and state Representative Kenneth Sheets (R-Dallas) protects CHLs against charges of unlawful carry for the accidental display of a handgun.
  • SB 864 by state Senator Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) and state Representative Dan Flynn (R-Canton) reduces the minimum number of required classroom training hours for an original CHL from 10-15 to 4-6 hours, making it far more convenient for license applicants to exercise their right to self-defense.
  • HB 48 by state Representative Flynn and state Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston) streamlines the process for renewal of a CHL by eliminating the continuing education requirement and handgun proficiency demonstration. License holders would still be required to renew their licenses every five years, but they would be provided an informational form regarding firearm and deadly force laws, which must be signed and submitted with the renewal application.

September 1 also marks the two-year anniversary of the NRA-TSRA backed employee/parking lot protection law taking effect, which was sponsored by state Senator Hegar and Representative Kleinschmidt. While most employers in the state have amended their policies to allow the transportation and storage of firearms in locked, employee-owned motor vehicles parked on company-controlled parking lots, the NRA-ILA urges you to contact SLocal@nrahq.org concerning any alleged violations of the statute. We will monitor and investigate those situations to ensure that your rights under the law are protected. The text of this act can be found here. Click here to view the NRA summary of the law.

The Texas State Rifle Association is the NRA state affiliate and has been since 1919. We help to make the NRA more effective in Texas.

  • **Attention: CHL licensees and CHL instructors, check out the DPS website for changes. Click here
  • **Check out the proposal by Senator Glen Hegar, a tax-free Back to the Hunt weekend! Senator Hegar is a friend to Texas gun owners for sure.

Thanks for adding fund to the Political Action Committee fund. The PAC fund is used only to elect and re-elect pro-gun candidates.

Keep the Faith!

Alice Tripp
Legislative DirectorTexas State Rifle Association

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