Texas Deer Association Condemns Illegal Deer Trafficking

Texas Deer Association Condemns Illegal Deer Trafficking

Texas Deer Association
Texas Deer Association

SAN ANTONIO — -(AmmoLand.com)-As the state's largest non-profit organization dedicated to Texas deer, the Texas Deer Association (TDA) has responded to the incidents of alleged illegal deer trafficking. The TDA has released the following pubic statement:

Normally, the policy of the Texas Deer Association is to refrain from comment on criminal investigations unless it directly involves a TDA member. However, in light of recent highly publicized events involving the illegal trafficking of whitetail deer in the state, we must be sensitive to a greater community need for honest clarifications and proper understanding of this industry among wildlife enthusiasts and elected officials throughout the state.

No persons arrested, nor alleged to be involved, in the recently reported ‘Texas Shuffle Operation' by Texas Parks & Wildlife are members of the Texas Deer Association.

The Texas Deer Association strongly condemns the alleged actions of those arrested and we denounce all activities which move or affect wild and captive deer that operates beyond the bounds of the law.

The association applauds and supports the State of Texas in prosecuting to the full extent of the law all individuals who illegally hunt, trap, move, sell, purchase, breed, process or otherwise improperly handle whitetail (and mule) deer.

TDA holds its officers, board members, staff and individual members to a high professional standard. In accordance with our Membership Code of Ethics as posted on our website, the TDA immediately suspends the membership of any member convicted of a violation of a state or federal law involving whitetail or mule deer. In addition, all members of the TDA have an obligation to report any suspected ethical violations to the organization.

The TDA is the only non-profit organization solely committed to improving the quality of Texas deer herds through better habitat practices, modern harvest strategies and use of superior deer to enhance the deer herds. As a part of its public education efforts, the TDA produces a full-color bimonthly publication, Tracks Magazine, which updates TDA members on current industry news, deer genetics and game management issues. The TDA also hosts an annual convention and trade show in August featuring fund-raising auctions, a deer auction, golf tournament and other events.

To learn more about the Texas Deer Association or for membership information, call 210.767.8300 or visit www.TexasDeerAssociation.com.

Headquartered in San Antonio, the Texas Deer Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and welfare of Texas deer herds, and to developing ways to improve deer quality in Texas. For more information on the Texas Deer Association, call 210.767.8300 or visit www.texasdeerassociation.com.

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