Testing a trio of see-through suppressors in slo-mo (VIDEO)

The gang at SmarterEveryDay teamed up with Steve at Soteria Firearms to make a see-through suppressor or three using an experimental cast acrylic casing to see what happens on the inside.

Starting with a .308 can, they film it at 110,000 frames per second and get some great footage of the baffle in action before the tube launches down range.

The second shot on a .223 device is a bit more successful while a final suppressor, which was made of thinner acrylic for display purposes only, broke like glass but only after they got the footage.

With Soteria located in Anniston, Alabama they did the shoot at CMP’s uber-nice Talladega Range and have some background on the range itself as well as the mechanics of the how they caught the footage below, if you are curious.

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