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Fed. Judge Lets Anti-Gun Group Join Gun Mag Ban Case As Defendant

Apparently, the billionaire-backed funded gun banners are worried AG Ferguson isn’t capable of defending his own unconstitutional magazine ban.

WA Firearms Preemption Win! ~ Lead Plaintiff Talks as Losers Double Down

Bass concluded, “The court did not act barbarically; it acted by applying the law as it was very clearly written. Which is more than I can say for the government of the city of Edmonds.”

‘Progressive Experiments Have Failed,’ Says Frustrated County Sheriff in WA

“We’re going to turn the tide. We’re going to start holding people accountable.”—Pierce County, WA Sheriff Ed Troyer

What the Washington State Gun Magazine Ban Means for Me? ~ VIDEO

Washington State’s standard capacity magazine ban means no one in the state will be allowed to sell, buy, or transfer gun mags that hold more than 10 rounds.

WA Gov. Inslee Signs Magazine Ban, SAF Vows to Sue

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation Wednesday banning the future sale, manufacture or importation of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 cartridges.

Brownells ‘Mag Dump’ Effort to Raise Funds for SAF Challenge of WA Mag Ban

Passage of the bill has already set off a scramble in the state to purchase standard capacity magazines.

WA Gun Owner Fury Erupts as Lawmakers Pass Magazine Ban

“There's no way that an intelligent person is going to look at this law and see that it would stop or limit or change the of any kind of mass shooting.”—Bellevue gun dealer Wade Gaughran to KING News

Washington Gun Owners’ Record Resistance To Radical Gun Mag Ban

Washington State gun owners & Second Amendment activists rose up in protest against a radical Senate bill (ESSB 5078) that seeks to ban normal ammunition magazines.

Armed Citizens Aided Wounded Lawmen, As Lawmakers Push Gun Control

“We are extraordinarily blessed that several armed citizens came to the deputies' assistance at the critical moments when they were most vulnerable.”—Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell Is So WRONG About State Firearms Preemption

WRONG: Anti-gun Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell told reporters Washington is “one of the few states” with a firearms preemption law!?

Seattle Times Pushing Semi-Auto Rifle and Magazine Ban

The Seattle Times, a newspaper that has hardly been friendly to the Second Amendment or Evergreen State gun owners, has once again ignited outrage among readers.

WA Democrats Seek to Eliminate Drive-By Shooting as Factor in 1st Degree Murder

Two Washington lawmakers want to eliminate drive-by shootings as a reason to elevate first-degree murder to an aggravated status.