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Legally Armed Defender Stops Mass Murder in Portland, Oregon

Ordinary citizens go armed every day. Sometimes they stop mass murder. This example is from Portland, Oregon back in 2012.

Legally Armed Defender Faces Four Attackers Outside of a Bar

An armed defender stopped four men who were attacking him. Thank goodness he had a gun. This is what we can learn.

New Gun Owners are Invisible to Democrats and Media

What is real and what is fantasy? New gun owners are misperceived and misrepresented by politicians and by the mainstream news media alike.

Good Guys Save Lives, but the FBI Can’t See Them

We want to know if armed citizens really protect us. The results are amazing, but ordinary citizens are invisible to the FBI.

Armed Defenders Shoot, & Sometimes They Win Without Firing a Shot

Millions of us brought a gun into our home for the first time. This homeowner used her gun for the first time when she stopped an intruder.

When Security Video Can Keep Us Out of Jail

Pictures are worth a thousand words, videos even more so - words, and you can be charged even if you don't press the trigger.

Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder, Crime Prevention Research

Ordinary citizens go armed every day. Sometimes they stop mass murder. This example is from Manchester, New Hampshire back in 2007.

Armed Citizens Face Robbers Who Had Guns & Knives

These armed citizens faced lethal threats. They have a lot to teach us and here is their story.

Armed Citizens Defend Themselves, Friends, and Family

These four gun owners faced lethal threats to themselves, their friends, and their family. This is how they saved lives.

Armed Citizens Defend Themselves & Those They Love

These honest gun owners defended themselves and those they love. Are you armed at home and at work, by day and by night?

Armed Citizens Save Lives at Home, at Work, and in Public

Can you defend yourself at home, at work, and in public? Here are four news stories of armed defense.

Armed Female Clerk Stops Knife-Wielding Robber at a Convenience Store

This female store clerk faced a robber with a knife late at night. Fortunately, she was was armed and prepared.