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Armed Citizen Defends his Family and Stops Violent Housemate

An armed man defended himself and his child when there were cornered in a bedroom by an unarmed attacker. Fortunately, there were witnesses.

Armed Citizen Attacked While Mowing the Lawn

A homeowner faced a lethal threat in his front yard and saved his own life. As ordinary as that situation seems, there is a lot we can learn.

Armed Citizen Protects his Family from Midnight Home Invader

It was after midnight when a robber broke into a home. The homeowner was forced to shoot the robber and defend his family.

Armed Brother Defends Sister & Kills Violent Ex-Boyfriend

Domestic abuse happens every day. How should we stop an attacker who is grabbing & controlling our loved one?

Armed Store Clerk Stops Armed Robber in Georgia

This store clerk faced an armed robber who was fleeing from the police. Fortunately, the clerk was armed as well.

Armed Citizen Stops Four Armed Robbers at Houston Gas Station

It makes the news when an armed customer stops a gang of armed robbers. Was he lucky? Training and practice help us make better decisions.

Armed Citizen Stops Dangerous Felon in Florida

People were running everywhere after being shot at. One of the men across the street was armed. He presented his firearm and shot back. Being shot at changed the attacker’s plans immediately.

Store Manager Stops Armed Robbery at a Chicago Auto Parts Store

This store manger didn't know when, but he thought his customers and employees could be the victims of violent crime. This time he was armed.

Older Couple Shoots Younger Attacker in Their California Home

There are gun owners in California. This older couple in their 70s each had a gun nearby when they faced a violent and much younger attacker.

Armed Citizen Stops Armed Felon in Chicago

A good guy with a gun stopped an armed murderer. Then the good guy stepped away and the murderer came back.

Armed Citizen Shoots a Repeat Criminal & Saves Lives in Detroit

This armed defender needed his firearm to save his life and the life of his friend. That happens every day, but this story is special.

Armed Defense from an Armed and Erratic Driver at a Stoplight

We can cover a lot of distance in our car. When an armed driver approaches your car, sometimes there is nowhere to go.