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Indianapolis Police Secretly Funneled Firearm Data To ATF For More Than 50 Years

Police admit they never obtained search warrants to test the firearms. The data was then sent to the Bureau of ATF, which used it to create an illegal gun registry...

Florida Open-Carry Amendment Dies in Two Days

Florida’s quest for full-blown constitutional carry has garnered the attention of the nation’s pro-gun movement and drawn the ire of the gun-ban industry.

Uvalde Cops with AR15s Blame AR15s For 21 Murders, Not Cowardice ~ VIDEO

Officers had one job: They should have made entry immediately and engaged the shooter... now they want you to believe that a rifle is responsible for their failure to act.

Critics Melting Down as Constitutional Carry Advances in Florida

Whether it’s called constitutional carry, permitless carry or unlicensed concealed carry, which is probably the most accurate, the fact that soon millions of Floridians will no longer need a permission slip from the government to defend themselves has critics frothing at the mouth.

Joe Biden is coming for your Glock 7!

As part of his latest sweeping and unconstitutional Executive Order, Joe Biden announced he is strengthening, modernizing and making permanent the Undetectable Firearms Act, which will save us all from the perils of porcelain pistols, even though they don’t yet exist.

Colorado News Site Calls for ‘Shaming, Humiliating and Castigating’ Gun Owners

The website Colorado Newsline called on its readers to publicly confront gun owners because “only when gun absolutists become social pariahs can the nation start to establish comprehensive reform..."

Debunking the Gun-Banners’ False Constitutional Carry Claims

Nearly every anti-gun group in the country has descended upon Tallahassee to try to stop Florida from becoming the 26th state to allow residents and visitors to carry concealed firearms without a permission slip from the government.

Hypocrisy Alert: ATF Touts Arrest of Man Charged with Trafficking Guns into Mexico

Isaac Hernandez, a 25-year-old American citizen who had been living in Mexico, will spend the next six years in a federal prison contemplating the errors of his ways.

When it comes to Destroying Gun Rights, George Soros Plays the Long Game

If Bloomberg’s efforts can be viewed as tactical, Soros’ are strategic, and at the age of 92, he’s pumped enough money into his gun-control empire to ensure it will continue long after he’s gone.

Constitutional Carriers, Warning: Gun Free School Zone Trap Ahead

To drive through a gun-free school zone, permitless carriers are supposed to stop before they enter, unload their firearm, & secure it in a locked container within their vehicle.

Florida’s Unlicensed Concealed Carry Bill Already Under Attack

When Gov. Ron DeSantis signs HB 543: Concealed Carry of Weapons and Firearms Without a License, few Floridians will even notice.

Firing Guns Into The Air, ‘Tis But A Scratch’ & Other Stupid Ideas

If someone threatens you with a firearm, the time you think you have to wound them does not exist, assuming you can even hit them. It’s not possible...