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MA Gun Rights Group Points out Some Truth on Statistics

Gun control measures in the Bay State have been abject failures. Looking at the numbers, it’s hard to say those measures haven’t been failures, or at least they have not helped.

NYS Jewish Gun Club Taking On NY State Gun Bans Interview With Tzvi Waldman

As the Jewish High Holidays approach, we are appalled that we will be unprotected while our families spend many hours in our shuls. The 2nd amendment is not a second-class right.

NJ Permits to Carry Restrictions Part of a RICO Scheme?

New Jersey is ripe for some RICO cases to start to fly, in addition to ones targeting these acts as civil rights violations.

Two Carry Permits Confirmed Issued in New Jersey

The Garden State is known for being an anti-civil rights wasteland. Firearm possession in the state is by exemption or permits.

DC Firearm Prohibition on Metro Being Challenged

The regulation at issue in this case, runs afoul of the 2A because it lacks any historical justification, is arbitrary and capricious, and unnecessarily impinges on the core right of self-defense.

Post NYSRPA & Re-Adoption of the 2nd Amendment, DC Project’s Inacker Weighs In

While the Second Amendment itself has been the marginalized “constitutional orphan,” the outlier states’ oppressive carry bans likewise impacted marginalized groups.

AmmoLand’s Petrolino Named “Media Figure of the Year” by San Diego County Gun Owners

John Petrolion taking home this award continues to cement AmmoLand News' reputation as the nation's most award-winning Pro 2A News organization.

11th Annual Free Woman’s Shooting Event in MI July 30th & 31st, 2022

Firearm instructor Rick Ector & his team have trained thousands of women over the last 10 years. In July, he hopes to add many more to those numbers.

NJ Governor’s New Lapdog Solidifies Case AGAINST More Gun Laws ~ VIDEO

Gun-related homicides in New Jersey have increased by 41%. If those laws were effective, why is the problem getting worse?

2nd Amendment & Philip Rizzo, NJ GOP Congressional Candidate 7th District ~ VIDEO

So living in New Jersey, we have a ten-round magazine capacity. I would love to see legislation that says you cannot restrict ...magazine capacity. ~ Philip Rizzo for Congress

ATF: ‘Stop Selling All Parts To Build a Gun’, Support JSD Supply! ~ VIDEO

Cease & desist the sale of... component parts necessary to produce ...a functioning firearm, whether in a single transaction or in multiple ...transactions

Poll Indicates Support for “Gun Control” on Decline

"...all these people with illegal guns, they're on the subway...they're walking around the streets, but the ordinary hard-working, law-abiding people I mentioned, no, they can'"-Justice Alito