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Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911 Review

The Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911 is a very interesting gun that both answers one question and asks another.

Henry Homesteader 9mm Carbine | Video Review & Range Report

The world of pistol-caliber carbines is a very crowded one - so is there space for the Henry Homesteader 9mm Carbine? Maybe.

Rifle-Mounted Death Star – Streamlight ProTac 2.0 Review

Shining the Streamlight ProTac2 into the air, its absurd beam shattering the night sky, you can almost hear a voice say, "That's no moon."

Beretta A300 Patrol – Beretta Shotgun Performance on a Budget

Depending on your experience, shotguns like the new Beretta A300 Patrol are either God's gift to shooters or the devil incarnate. 

Ruger Security-380 Handgun for EDC, Hands-On Review & Range Test

The Ruger Security 380 handgun isn't like other .380 ACP pistols, between its action & capacity, it is a different beast entirely.

Replacing | Modifying AR-15 Barrels to Avoid SBR Designation

This article is all about installing, replacing, or modifying AR-15 barrels & how their length affects how the ATF classifies them under the new brace ruling.

Beretta’s New Old Cheetah 80x – The Full-Featured Carry 380 ~ VIDEO

I have to admit, I haven't carried a .380 in a very long time - but that might change with the release of the new Beretta 80x.

AR 15 Stock | Convert Braced Pistols into SBRs

Why put an AR 15 stock on a pistol with a brace? With the passing of the pistol brace ban, many shooters want to convert pistols to SBRs.

New Taurus TORO Red Dot Ready Revolvers!

Optics on revolvers like the Taurus TORO isn't anything new - handgun hunters have been running scopes on big-bore wheel-guns for years.

Wee 1 Tactical JR-15 – The AR-15 for Kids

I can already hear the pearl-clutching and collective gasps of anti-gunners at the idea of the JR-15, but the design is all about safety

Walther’s Last P99 – The P99 Final Edition ~ VIDEO

As a long-time lover of 007, I reluctantly fell in love with the Walther P99. I say reluctantly because the PPK was THE James Bond pistol.

Henry Rifles First Semi-Auto: The Homesteader 9mm

I've been a lifelong fan of Henry Rifles ever since I shot the Goldenboy - but the Homesteader 9mm is something totally different.