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Dealing With The Deceived Gun Owner The Right Way Is Essential

Dealing with a gun owner who has been deceived by anti-Second Amendment extremists is a tricky, yet essential, task.

Could One Policy Objective Of Sarah Brady Be Killed By SCOTUS?

One of Sarah Brady's policy goals could be taken off the table later this year by the Supreme Court.

Elections Will Determine The Long-Term Fate Of The Second Amendment

Your local schools may be where the future of the Second Amendent faces its greatest long-term risk.

Painting Partial Win As Betrayal Is A Big Mistake

The omnibus "loss" is one Second Amendment supporters can not only live with, but it can also set up future victories down the road.

What The Next Long-Term Fights Will Be for the Second Amendment

Second Amendment supporters need to begin to prepare for the next round of long-term battles.

An Opportunity Second Amendment Supporters Must Not Waste

Can Second Amendment supporters turn Rahm Emanuel's famous admonishment against the political home of anti-Second Amendment extremism?

Below The Radar: Stopping the Fraudulent Sales of Firearms Act

Aside from who sponsors it, there is one other question: Who decides what constitutes “false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises?”

FREEDOM CONVOY LESSONS: The Media Double Standard Forces Awareness Of Optics

The lengths the media went to smear the Freedom Convoys should be a heads-up for Second Amendment supporters about the importance of optics.

NRA Win Is Good For All Pro-Second Amendment Groups

The fact the NRA will not be dissolved is a massive victory for every Second Amendment supporter.

Ukraine Is Yet Another Setback For Gun Control

Second Amendment supporters just got a huge boost from the Ukrainian government. Can they seize the opportunity?

How Do You Define Winning?

Second Amendment supporters should always be clear what defines victory at a given moment.