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Hurricane Ian Exposes the Need For National Constitutional Carry

Hurricane Ian highlights the dire need for constitutional carry in Florida. Our right to keep & bear arms didn’t come with a two-day time limit.

Vetoes of Constitutional Carry by Anti-2nd Amendment Governors, Can’t Stop this Train

In the last eleven years, Constitutional Carry bills have been vetoed by governors 14 times. Two of the vetoes by Democrat Governors have been overridden by Republican legislatures.

Abrams Exploits Constituent Ignorance and Flat-Out Lie About Guns

Nothing in the new permitless (“Constitutional Carry”) law sanctions “prohibited persons” to purchase or bear arms.  And Abrams knows that.

Outgoing NE Gov. Ricketts: ‘Constitutional Carry is About Rights’

Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has come out swinging in support of Constitutional carry in the Cornhusker State, a goal he calls “unfinished business.”

Disinformation Campaign Ramps Up Against ‘Constitutional Carry’

“New York, which is in the midst of an alarming surge in gun crimes, needs at least some restrictions on who gets to own and carry guns…"--New York Post editorial

Governor DeSantis Promises Constitutional Carry for Florida

In a speech given near Gainesville, Florida, on Friday, 29 April, Governor Ron DeSantis promised a Constitutional Carry bill would be signed by him before he left office.

Terror Attack In NYC Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Gun Control doesn't work in NYC. The tragic terror attack that happened in NYC's Subways is further proof that the people must be armed.

Governor Kemp Makes Georgia 25th Member of Constitutional Carry Club

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia signed SB 319, Constitutional Carry, on April 12, 2022.

Legislative Maneuvers Continue on Constitutional Carry in Georgia

The maneuvers over Constitutional Carry continue in Georgia. The Senate Judiciary Committee amended HB 1358. The House amended SB 319. A bill could pass quickly or be delayed.

Florida Governor Calls for Special Session; Supports Constitutional Carry

Governor DeSantis of Florida vetoed the Congressional redistricting map on Constitutional grounds. He called for a special session of the legislature. He supported passage of Constitutional Carry.

Special Session Called For Constitutional Carry In Florida!

Governor DeSantis calls out Republican controlled legislature for not passing Constitutional Carry. Special Session starts on 4/19/22.

Inside Dope on Nebraska’s Constitutional Carry Bill, LB773

Nebraska is getting close to passing a Constitutional Carry bill, LB 773, due to the energetic efforts of Senator Tom Brewer. Here are some of the inside details.