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Indiana House Passes Constitutional Carry in 2022, Will The State Senate?

On January 12, 2022, the Indiana House passed a Constitutional Carry bill, HB 1077. In 2021 a Constitutional Carry Bill was stopped by the Senate Republican leadership. 2022 is an election year.

Alabama May, I Repeat..May, Pass Constitutional Carry in 2022

Alabama Sheriffs have generally opposed the repeal bills, saying the permit requirement is an important tool for law enforcement but is it just a money grab?

Prospects for Constitutional Carry in 2022

The movement to restore Second Amendment rights is sweeping the states with the Constitutional Carry movement. There are 21 states with Constitutional carry. Expect more in 2022.

Conversation with Dr. Terry Johnson, Ohio Senate Proponent of Constitutional Carry

Dr. Terry Johnson, Ohio State Senator, is leading efforts to remove infringements on Second Amendment rights in Ohio.

Dewine Must Choose Sides with Ohio Permitless Carry Bill

Once the House and Senate agree on a bill it will go to Gov. Mike Dewine to be signed into law, and as Shakespeare wrote, “Ay, there’s the rub.”

OHIO: Constitutional Carry (SB215) Clears State Senate

There are now two Constitutional Carry different bills that have passed in Ohio. HB 227 in the House and SB 215 in the Senate.

Could Constitutional Carry Reach a Tipping Point?

A new bill proposed by Republican Representative Anthony Sabatini is getting pushback from some Republicans. The bill HB 103

Ohio Constitutional Carry Awaits State Senate Decision

Ohio is moving forward on Constitutional Carry, HB227 has passed the House, 60 to 32 and now moves to the Senate.

Pennsylvania Constitutional Carry Moves Forward, in Spite of Veto Threat

Constitutional Carry is moving forward in Pennsylvania. A veto is likely this year. 2022 looks promising.

Constitutional Carry Passes House Committee in Ohio

A Ohio House Committee passes a version of Constitutional or permitless carry, 8-4, in a party line vote. There is a chance a Constitutional carry bill will be enacted in 2021.

Politicians and Media Present Misleading Claims About Armed Texans

Politicians and police chiefs said armed Texans were a problem. The media went along without question. Both were wrong.

Concealed Carry Permits Jump 10.5% in 2021

Over the past year, the report notes, “the number of permit holders grew by a record 2 million.”