TacStar launches new Brass Catcher for the AR-15 platform

The Brass Catcher attaches to an AR-15 and does exactly as its name implies — catches and stores brass as the gun fires. (Photo: TacStar)

TacStar introduces a new accessory for AR-15 shooters, adding the Brass Catcher to its of tactical accessories.

The Brass Catcher clamps to the Picatinny rail on flat top Ar-15s with no firearm modifications required. The heat resistant catcher’s mounting bracket offers an adjustable and low-profile design that can be positioned to coincide with optics and scopes.

When the bag is full, it can simply be removed from the mounting rail and emptied. TacStar said the bag can be unsnapped from the aluminum deflector plate to allow for better and easier cleaning. Lightweight, at only four-ounces, the Brass Catcher was created to make life a little easier for reloaders.

“TacStar’s Brass Catcher is the perfect accessory for AR shooters who reload,” TacStar said in a press release. “No more walking around bent over trying to find where your brass flew!”

The Brass Catcher can hold up to 120 .223 cases and is currently available from TacStar’s website with a MSRP of $34.

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