SXS Rebooted: Updated CZ Bobwhite G2 Headed to Market

CZ-USA Bobwhite G2 SXS shotgun on tailgate

First introduced in 2005, the CZ Bobwhite originally used a color case hardened receiver and has now gone black chrome in the G2 series, which the company says will resist rust better than a blued gun. (Photos: CZ-USA)

Kansas-based CZ-USA announced this week that the CZ Bobwhite side-by-side double shotgun has been updated and is set to return to the market.

Available in 12, 20 and 28-gauge, the Bobwhite G2 uses a straight English-Style stock with 28-inch double barrels finished in a gloss black chrome. The series has been updated with a lighter CNC-ed receiver with upgraded internals — to include floating firing pins, coil-spring operated hammers and redesigned sears — as well as the same hardier finish on the receiver as on the barrels. Standard across the line is Turkish walnut furniture complete with laser-cut checkering and a rubber butt plate.

“Finished in our hardy black chrome from head to toe, the Bobwhite G2 will resist rust much better than a blued gun while still looking classy,” says CZ.

Incorporating double triggers, the straight stock and lightweight– as low as 5.5-pounds– of the G2 series makes them ideal for wingshooters.

CZ-USA Bobwhite G2 SXS shotgun on tailgate

Each gun ships with five interchangeable chokes (F,IM,M,IC,C)

The Bobwhite G2s use an 8mm flat rib across their 28-inch barrels. The 12 and 20-gauge offerings include a 3-inch chamber while the 28-gauge uses a 2.75-inch chamber. The guns use extractors rather than ejectors to remove hulls.

The MSRP tied to these CZ doubles runs between $655 and $702 depending on caliber, with the 28-gauge version running about $50 more than the other two models.

CZ-USA Bobwhite G2 SXS shotgun cracked open

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