SWAT breaks up house party with flash-bangs (VIDEO)

A house-party put on by unwanted visitors at an unoccupied San Jose home led to police intervention, and some stun grenades.

The home was being renovated but, with the new owners away, some 100 people gathered and threw a midnight party last Friday night. San Jose Police responded after calls about bottles being thrown in the street by two groups of what appeared to be gang members, and then brought in SWAT.

“A whole bunch of cops just started coming here. I heard bottles crack and then I heard a big thump and they hit the back window of my car and it just broke,” Alexis Avelar, who lives in the neighborhood, told KPIX in the above video.

“There were just cops everywhere and then the SWAT team pulled up and let off two flash bangs,” neighbor Ernie Villena told KGO.

After the party goers left, police searched the residence and secured it.

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