SunBuster Champion Shooters win 2008 WAPC Open Team Match and More

SunBuster® Champion Shooters win 2008 WAPC Open Team Match and More

FARMINGDALE, New York – SunBuster's world champion shooters Bruce Piatt and Carl Bernosky representing the USA Team traveled to the Hamilton Pistol Club in New Zealand and won the NRA World Action Pistol Championship Team title. Competing amongst six other teams, they will proudly keep the title for two years. Additionally, Carl finished 2nd place in the overall event shooting a 1920 perfect score for the first time, while Bruce took 1st place winning the Iron Man Match, making him the only individual to win this event as a four time National and two time World Champion since its inception four years ago.

New Zealand is currently experiencing their spring season and weather conditions shifted on a daily basis impacting many shooters ability to see the targets clearly. Bruce and Carl's experience in using SunBuster's interchangeable lens system aided them in dealing with these conditions as they each chose to wear the Clear Lens. The winning lens has a permanent, anti-fog and water repellent coating which prevents fog or rain from clinging to or streaking the lens. Both shooters commented that “wearing the Clear Lens was the right choice in seeing the targets accurately and ultimately our scores were not affected.”

Steve Asman, president of SunBuster offered his congratulations upon hearing of both shooters USA Team and individual accomplishments. “SunBuster is honored by both Bruce and Carl's ability to consistently amass national and world championship titles. They have each chosen to wear our shooting glasses, which exemplifies that having the best equipment along with their notable shooting abilities makes the difference, we congratulate them.”

SunBuster has designed The Maverick and The Dude, two lightweight frames specifically designed for the shooter. Both models provide a comfortable fit for all-day wearing. Each model includes an interchangeable lens system of five lenses scientifically created to enhance and maximize the shooter's ability to perform under different lighting and target presentations in competitive shooting. The first lens system is the Pistol/Indoor system and the second is the Shooting/Hunting system. Each system offers a patented, lightweight, rimless insert, which sits behind the lens, available in a wide range of prescriptions.
Additional custom colored lenses are available to add to either of the systems for enhanced levels of shooing.

SunBuster's mission is to give all outdoor sports enthusiasts unsurpassed performance by enhancing their vision without damage, distortion or distraction. It is the perfect eyewear for biking, golfing, hiking, hunting or just a walk in the sun. We'll enhance your vision, so you can enhance your sport. To see why others are making the switch to SunBuster's Sport Enhancement Eyewear (S.E.E.) contact: 866-786-2878.

E-mail: Web site: Media members interested in field-testing any of the SunBuster products for editorial review should contact Lisa G. Cinquino of Whistle Communications at, or call (203) 881-8381.

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