Store clerk snatches gun from armed robber (VIDEO)

A man robbing a store at gunpoint in Kalamazoo on Tuesday night was caught off guard when the clerk snatched away his gun, sending the unarmed robber fleeing with piles of cash left behind.

The crime was caught on the Campus Party Store’s surveillance video, which shows the suspect enter the business with his face covered shortly after 11 p.m., aim a gun at the clerk, and presumably demand cash.

The video also shows a customer enter the store in the midst of the robbery, but quickly turned and left when he realized what was going down. That customer, however, went back to his car and called 911.

Meanwhile, the clerk scrambled together cash for the suspect and, once a pile was on the counter, the suspect put down his gun to gather up the money. The clerk seized the moment and swiped the gun, catching the suspect off guard. The suspect tried to run out of the store with some cash in hand, but dropped a large amount as he headed out the door.

The suspect remains at large.

[ Fox 17 ]

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