Stevie Wonder talks social responsibility, guns at popup concert

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder performing in front of a crowd in Central Park. (Photo: Getty Images)

At a pop up concert in Central Park on Monday to promote an upcoming tour, legendary musician Stevie Wonder commented on social responsibility and firearms.

“As much as we have made some incredible strides, we have also really gone to this crazy place, like them against us and us against them,” newspaper Page Six quoted him saying. “We really need to do that thing called fixing the planet, by fixing each other, fixing ourselves. That includes everyone, me and us, in the spirit of love.”

“We have gotta find a place, we as Americans of all ethnicities, we’ve got to put an end to it … What we have to do, whether you’re NRA or whatever, is find a place of everyone being accountable for every gun we have here,” he continued.

He then talked about his “Claim the Bullet” campaign, which in essence reminds perpetrators of violence to think about the damage a bullet can do to a person after it leaves the barrel of a gun.

“It doesn’t deprive people of their freedom, but it does hold people accountable because you can’t take a life back,” he said.

The gothamist also pulled quotes from the concert, which he performed three in one day.

“We’ve got to put an end to it… Knowing that 10,000 people a year are killed by guns…there’s something majorly wrong when we’re numb” to stories about deaths by guns.

The website said he urged citizens and politicians to be accountable, “You can’t take a life back,” and emphasized, “We need to encourage each other to love each other… here’s never too much love.”

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