Spanish Style Lebensraum from South of the US Border

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Crossing The Border

U.S.A.-( It would appear if you are not happy with someone or some group’s actions, you call them a Nazi. Even if their actions are within the law, even if their actions are defined, spelled out and they follow the letter of that law, you still call them a Nazi and get some free press time. Criminals are illegally crossing our border every day and they are bringing along their offspring in hopes of plugging up our immigration legal system.

We detain these criminals, we lock them up during the legal process, but we have to do something with the illegal’s offspring, so, we lock them up also. The US government provides these illegal offspring with a far better living environment than what they left in Central and South America. Just exposing some of these detained criminals to running water and electricity is a major plus in their lives, but the US government is still called Nazis.

What the US is really experiencing is a new style of lebensraum. Lebensraum is a 1860s German term that means “living space”, but is also means forced colonialism by one group of people onto the real estate of another group of people. Usually displacing or subjugating the first group who already possessed the land in question.

Of course, we are all familiar with the invasion of eastern Europe by the Nazi, German Army. They overran and occupied Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine, and other nations unable to stop the slaughtering hordes of German soldiers. Invade the land, remove the locals and then bring in your own citizens to colonize and permanently occupy the land in the name of needed lebensraum / “living space.”

Kidnapping of Polish children by Nazi's.
The kidnapping of Polish children by Nazi’s.

There are really only two types of government, inclusive and extractive. The US functions under an inclusive style of government. The former Spanish colonies turned independent countries of Central and South America operate under an extractive form of government. When you are analyzing South American politics you always have to remember the concept of socialism.

Extractive governments that try to function inside the socialism umbrella are what always eventually materializes in South America. They also always eventually fail. South American politics will in the end always fail. Sometimes if there is a charismatic leader or tyrant who can stay in office a little longer than the average trained leader, there may be a few extra years of stability (if you can call it that). It will however always fail at some point.

So, what do you do when everything politically and economically fails yet again in your South American country? How about moving into and occupying the lands of your neighboring country? Well, that has been tried before and usually means one former Spanish colony turned country, going to war with another former Spanish colony turned country. Usually one is no better than the other when it comes to success as a productive nation.

So the citizens of South America realizing they never get it right, decide to look North. They do not understand the differences between inclusive and extractive governments, but they do understand that the US seems to always get it right. They get it right so well that the failing citizens of South America want their piece of the US pie.

What about a Spanish style lebensraum? What if the failed Spanish descendants of the many failed South American countries force their way across the US border and occupy land that was held by the liberal gringos?

Take the real estate, hold the real estate, and then use the foolish gringo’s laws against the legal citizens of the US.

The Nazis were the National Socialist Party of Germany, and South American politics are always socialist forms of government. These Spanish colonies turned countries may leave off the swastika on their latest national flag, but do not fool yourself. One of the favorite relocations for the Nazis who could get out of Germany at the end of WWII, one step ahead of the hangman, was Argentina.

There was no crying from Argentina where the Nazis were concerned, especially when little Evita Peron’s husband Juan, sold 10,000 blank Argentine passports to the Odessa operation to help German war criminals get out of Europe and into South America.

Ratlines from Germany to South America and now ratlines from South America to the US. I guess if you learn a useful skill, you teach that skill to others who can then infect and find a new host to leech onto.

There is always a revolution in the planning somewhere south of the US border. In fact, look at the names of many of the long-running political parties in South America, “revolution” finds its way into the title of way too many of the Spanish derived parties.

Spanish Lebensraum is the actions of failed descendants of multiple failed former South and Central American colonies forcing their way into the US, all while bringing their failed political way of life with them.

The second step of this illegal immigration from south of the US border will, and for that matter is already, the Spanish Lebensborn. Lebensborn is another borrowed idea the illegal immigrants are co-opting from the Nazis. Once you are in place and occupying another’s national territory then energetically build on your occupying population by systematically birthing your “own” people into the local native population. The Nazis did this to ensure racial purity of these newborn children who would one day inherit the land taken under German Lebensraum.

Nazi Children
Once you are in place and occupying another’s national territory then energetically build on your occupying population by systematically birthing your “own” people into the local native population.

The US needs immigrants, that is just a fact. The modern American family is not nearly as large as your grandparent’s families were. We need more Americans and the quickest way to accomplish that task is to bring in more quality people that this country can benefit from. We need immigrants with skills and abilities that allow them to support themselves in the workforce.

We do not need more people that arrive with nothing and spend multiple generations working at staying on the Federal, State and local governments support systems.

Mexico has an outstanding undergraduate and graduate engineering program in their university system. English is the language of engineers, why are we not trying to entice these professionally trained and educated potential immigrants to come to the US? We need immigrants of this caliber and quality.

South American failed politics scares me a whole lot more than legal immigrants who come from below our border.

If they come here illegally they bring their broken political thought process with them, which is always about extraction, and start extracting from the US as soon as they cross the border.

It is always about politics, first and foremost.

It is a political issue, but it is so much easier to hide your illegal actions if you can consistently and successfully play the race card. Being a Mexican or an Argentinean is a nationality, not a race — less we forget this very important fact.

Moorish trained, Spanish style South American politics are always a pathway to failure and we do not need that perpetual crisis to take hold and flourish in the US.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

— Emma Lazarus

This was perhaps a good concept a hundred years ago but not today. We the US still take in more refugees every year than any other country. We get enough of the poor huddled masses already. What we need are qualified, ready to be employed, vetted, legal immigrants, who can start day one, after they arrive on our shores and just go to work.

It is not about skin color, religion or race, but it is about politics. Politics from the rest of the world that do not mesh with our US political system are not welcome. Our system works and it needs to continue to function the way it was designed.

“There was a time when strangers were welcome here”, they are still welcome but they cannot be un-vetted strangers who were not invited to join our nation.

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