So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? – New Book by Pete Rogers

New Book Offers Insight into Why People Hunt Turkeys and the Fascination Hunters Have with This Bird.

So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? New Book by Pete Rogers
So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? New Book by Pete Rogers

Taylors, SC, USA – -(  Pete Rogers Outdoors announces the release of their newest book, So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys?

Written and photographed by Pete Rogers, this book attempts to be different from many others on this subject.

“After years of hunting and writing about hunting the wild turkey, I felt it was time to compile a set if stories that all can relate not so much to the “how” of turkey hunting, rather, the “why” we hunt turkeys.”

So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? by Pete Rogers

So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? is a book for the turkey hunter who understands that hunting turkeys is not something some enjoy now and again, it is something we must do. It is a book for the novice and the experienced. It teaches at some moments and shares experiences at others. It is a book for everyone who has ever hunted turkeys.

Some comments on this book include;

“So many of us have true to life experience’s from decades of being in the woods chasing the wild ole’ longbeards that roam our draws, ridges, coolies & ravines. There is a passion that drives millions into the woods each spring in search of that drumming, cutting, yelping and earth shaking gobble! You can read all about it but few have the ability to put into words what it truly means and feels to be a turkey hunter like Pete Rogers can. Pete is the real deal, and lives the outdoor lifestyle like so many of us, it’s not job to him or his family, it is a passion and living it 24/7 truly allows him to learn from the best authority out there, Ole’ Tom himself. Enjoy, So You Want to Hunt Turkeys, and experience what turkey hunting means to millions. Great job Pete!” ~ Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo “America’s Favorite Hunting Couple”

“Pete Rogers is one of the best outdoorsmen I know, in part because he lives and works in the woods and loves being there, and it shows in his writing. Pete has examined turkey hunting from just about every angle possible over the past 35 years or so, and he continues to do so. He brings a unique outlook to outdoors writing, and it’s on display in his magazine writing, and in this book. I highly recommend it.” ~ Dan Kibler, Editor, Carolina Sportsman Magazine

“Col. Tom Kelly recently told me that if his late wife Hellen had known what she was getting into, ‘she would have preferred to marry a drunkard or narcotics addict because to her it would have been easier than marrying a turkey hunter.’ These words are laden with truth, as there is no hunter more committed to pursuing a species as is a true turkey hunter. Pete Rogers pays homage to the sages of turkey hunting — Rutledge, Kelly, et. al. — and their prose that aptly construes the obsession these wily birds spark within us. The compulsion to hunt them is undeniable, and the enjoyment of every second of success and failure is the drug that keeps us going back for more. It is apparent that Rogers is a true turkey hunter, and for that, I pray for his wife.” ~ Matt Lindler, Acting VP of Communications, National Wild Turkey Federation

Limited signed and numbered hardback editions of So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? are available from the author. Hardback version are available for your local bookstore, and on Amazon. ebook editions are available at Amazon and Barns and Noble. For more information on the book, contact Pete Rogers Outdoors at;

About Pete Rogers:

Pete Rogers earned his BA from the University of South Carolina and a Masters in Divinity from Erskine Theological Seminary. Over nineteen years ago Pete began merging his love for writing with his love of the outdoors. He has hunted many species across North America.

Currently Pete publishes over one hundred and twenty articles, and four hundred photographs annually for numerous publications. He is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) and is past President and former Chairman of the Board of the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association. (SCOPe)

Pete’s stories and photographs have earned over fifty awards in literary and photographic competitions. His first book Times Well Spent: Ramblings from a Sportsman’s Life won First place in an Excellence in Craft competition in 2012. In 2017 he was given a Pinnacle award by the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

Pete conducts seminars annually about Outdoor Careers, writing, hunting, and trapping. Currently he resides in Taylors, SC.
If you would like to have him speak at your next event, he can be contacted at;, or through his website,