SHTF Gun Mods – It’s The Small Details

By Peter G. Uliano

SHTF 22LR Scenario
SHTF Gun Mods – It’s The Small Details
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( A lot of people talk about and write about getting prepared for a SHTF situation however these arguments always focus on the firearm itself, caliber, portability, cool factor etc. and always seem to leave out small details which I feel are very important.

I am a gun guy, I love my guns and I just recently got more into them acquiring around 17 in the last 2 years. I not only have modern firearms but I also have my FFL 03 collector’s license.

Your firearm is something you should be very familiar with whether we are talking a SHTF scenario, self defense or you happen to be armed when a mass shooting is happening. You can have a great 50 caliber sniper rifle in your safe but if you only shot it on 3 occasions and never sighted in your scope, you do not understand windage and elevation adjustments then you have a fancy looking club to hit someone with and that’s it!

Every firearm you plan to use for any sort of defense you should have extensive operational knowledge of.

You should be able to field strip your weapon, clean it, know what ammo it likes or dislikes and know common issues or fixes. This is very important. If you do not know your firearm and how it performs, what it likes to eat and how to clean her to perfection then you do not know your gun.

Besides cleaning and taking apart your weapon you should also consider buying small upgrades to increase performance. For instance I like to install steel guide rods in all my weapons and usually fluted at that.

Why do I do this is for a couple of reasons; one being that it will last longer and not risk breaking versus a plastic one most newer firearms come with as well as add slight weight to the front of the firearm to help reduce muzzle rise. The fluted options help hold lubrication which is also important. Another thing I look for when I am purchasing an inexpensive upgrade such as a guide rod is for “Captured Spring” guide rods and I do that because it makes reassembling easier and quicker as well as helping me not lose an essential part of my firearm should I be cleaning at home or field stripping my weapon in the woods of a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world.

Other upgrades to consider are in list form below with a short general explanation as to why I think they are important.:

1) Threaded Barrels – Usually low in cost as an add-on and you never know when you might need a suppressor.

2) Compensators – Helps keep muzzle rise down and allows for faster follow up shots.

3) Triggers, Springs and other Performance enhancing options – Lower recoil, easier trigger pull etc.

4) Extended Magazine Releases – Faster reloading.

5) Extended Magazines – More shooting, less reloading.

6) Grips – You gun should be comfortable in your hand and allow a non-slip hold on your weapon.

7) Magazines – Load them before range trips for less work at range and you also will be prepared with extra loaded ammo ready to go in case of an emergency.

There are many things you can do to improve your firearm but without knowing your weapon, practicing with your weapon and being familiar with your weapon; you are setting yourself up for failure with your weapon. Instead of buying 3 guns this year focus on learning your weapon, improving your weapon with upgrades that suit you and making it into your perfect firearm.

Every single one of my modern firearms have an improvement that I decided I needed or wanted based on putting hundreds of rounds down range.

My Scar 17 has an easier to pull charging handle, and a magazine release I added that I can initiate with my trigger finger. My Beretta 92a1 has a fluted steel guide rod, a D hammer spring, a lighter hammer, extended magazine release, threaded barrel and VZ Wilson combat grips.

Scar 17 Rifle with Mods
Scar 17 Rifle with Mods
Peter G. Uliano
Peter G. Uliano

I know what ammo each of my firearms likes and dislikes and I know my Wife’s Ruger SR22 does not like hollow point 22lrs at all and that they fail to feed correctly.

I know this because I practice with all of my firearms and I trouble shoot and experiment.

So in conclusion learn your weapon and upgrade to your liking rather than purchasing multiple firearms and not learning each particular firearm you own.

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