Shooting Made Easy Stops “Brass Back” with New Brass Catcher

Shooting Made Easy Stops "Brass Back" with New Brass Catcher
Shooting Made Easy Stops “Brass Back” with New Brass Catcher

Grand Prairie, TX-( Shooting Made Easy (SME), an industry leader in innovative shooting solutions, announces the latest addition to the growing firearm accessory line with the Brass Catcher, a lightweight attachment that mounts to most AR style rifles and traps empty brass casings.

With more shooting enthusiasts than ever doing their own reloading, harvesting clean brass has taken on new importance for many shooters. After an intense bench session no one wants to spend time bent over, picking shell cases out of the grass, sand, or mud.

The new brass catcher from Shooting Made Easy solves that problem quite handily. Designed to fit onto the top or handguard Picatinny rail of most AR-platform rifles, the SME Brass Catcher is made of a lightweight frame with a generous mesh pocket. The angled pocket design fully covers the ejection port to capture ejected cartridges while providing ample hand room to prevent interference with trigger operations. It is also lightweight, so it won’t unbalance the rifle. A zipper located on the bottom of the mesh bag allows for easy shell case unloading.

The simple, easy-to-use, lightweight design of the SME Brass Catcher is the obvious solution for keeping your empty brass free of debris and re-load ready as well as serves as a time and back-saver when your shooting session is over.

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