Shifting Political Whims & Winds To Determine Constitutional Rights..Shut Up Already


USA – -( You'd think the puppeteers controlling the Parkland kiddies and their dopey attorney would have told them to close their traps by now. As I type this, I'm aware that SCOTUS is going to meet later today to determine, again, whether to move forward with the NY State case as planned on December 2nd.

None of that is what I'm writing about here; in fact, it's an entirely different subject matter. Follow me:

Over the years, we've been saying all along that the Socialists (formerly known as Democrats) want our guns. It was just a matter of time before one of them let the cat out of the bag. Heck, they've been dropping hints for decades that gun confiscation and eradication of the right to bear arms was their real goal. Think Feinstein and her infamous, “Mr. and Mrs. America turn 'em all in, I would have done it.” We know what the real end game here is and they know we know it. That's why they've been relatively quiet about it over the years but not anymore.

Since Newtown, every once in awhile, someone slips and the truth comes out. Of course that's never been clearer than Beto O'Rourke and his outright admission that his goal is, in fact, confiscation. Even more important is the silence emanating from the remaining Clown Posse of Socialists seeking the nomination, none of whom have disagreed with the rhetoric. Now comes the Parkland Kiddies attorney Ira Feinberg and an unusual request in a brief to SCOTUS regarding the NY State Pistol and Rifle case.

In brief, the request to allow the “political process” to lead the fight against “repeated mentions of “gun violence” takes center stage. Indeed, Feinberg went as far as explaining, “They're asking the court to leave enough flexibility in the review of regulations to let public opinion and political developments have a say.” (Emphasis added) I spent yesterday on-air discussing this incredible admission from an attorney, (literally using the March For Our Lives' ignorant kids), asking the Supreme Court of the United States of America to allow public opinion and shifting political whims and winds to determine our constitutional rights. [read it for yourself embedded below]

The level of disregard of our bedrock unalienable rights from an attorney practicing constitutional law is downright frightening as well as disturbing. Nobody wants your guns, they say, of course until they do want your guns. The constitution be damned.

  • Why would a group of Americans seemingly sign off on this type of activity, that would let ever-shifting politics and public opinion decide the rule of law?
  • How can one believe it's okay to suggest such a thing?
  • Who in their right mind would ask the highest court in the land to allow such a perversion to our constitutional republic that would destroy the rule of law?
  • Have they not given thought to the fact that those winds will one day shift away from them?

To answer those questions, you have to understand how public opinion forms and what causes political winds to shift in the first place. Where do people get the information they consume to form an opinion? Where do people see, hear, and read the “information” they digest as “news” to make political decisions? That's right! The “in the tank,” treasonous, gun-hating, socialist loving, left-wing controlled, progressive, legacy, mainstream media. The same media that the gun-grabbers themselves control and who regurgitate their talking points, with impunity, day after day after day.

This Incredible request in an Amicus Brief to the highest court in the land suggests just how frightened the gun grabbers are of a loss in this NY case. For years I've been telling my listeners that this progressive windbag machine, known as the “mainstream,” or more rightly called “legacy” media is the most dangerous “entity” in America. This reminds us of just how vital that media voice is to the gun-grabbers success.

Without “fake news” acting as the wind against their backs, (and in the face of a likely firm ruling that upholds the rule of law and not their shifting winds of public opinion and political tides), their house of cards collapses and they know it, as evidenced by this desperate request.

Funny how that works.


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