Secubit Weaponry Maintenance System To Present at LAAD

LAAD 2019: Secubit will present for the first time at LAAD the WeaponLogic Ecosystem – A Preventive Weaponry Maintenance & Smart Inventory Management System and Advanced, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Solution Ensuring Accurate, Real-Time Operational Enhancement.

Secubit Weaponry Maintenance System
Secubit Weaponry Maintenance System’s WeaponLogic Smart Counter

Rio, Brazil – -( Secubit, a leader in advanced weaponry readiness and maintenance enhancement, will present for the first time at LAAD its WeaponLogic Ecosystem. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system is aimed at eliminating malfunctions in crucial situations, dramatically improving mission success and fighter-survivability. Facilitating data-driven maintenance and smart weapon inventory management based on actual usage of data gathered by constantly reviewing each weapon, the system provides tactical optimization of above 99% shot accuracy.

WeaponLogic Ecosystem is a set of tools that includes an advanced algorithm that gathers and analyses comprehensive weapon usage data in real time. This data provides immediate battlefield indication regarding weapon state and ammunition consumption. The system’s Smart Counter advanced AI driven algorithm learns each specific weapon’s characteristics and provides analysis for tactical optimization. The system’s Reader & Dashboard Applications diagnose the data retrieved, elevating preemptive maintenance and smart inventory management. The system maximizes armory efficiency, alerting the armorer which weapons require service, supply status, making an easier life for the operators and a futuristic approach. The collected data is sorted and displayed in an easy to use interface, with customizable features.

“The WeaponLogic Ecosystem system is deployed by military and law enforcement forces around the globe. Says Ruby Shasha, Secubit VP Marketing and Sales

“The system was developed also to meet the needs of the forces in Latin America and the weapons in use in this region”, he adds. “Secubit is looking forward to expand its cooperation in Latin America countries by providing a preemptive weapon maintenance system for enhanced cost-effective use of small arms”.

WeaponLogic Smart Counter is a light-weight, simple to operate device, with an information storage capacity of up to one million shots, a rapid data presentation and a battery life with up to 10 operation years. The information that is collected in the WeaponLogic Smart Counter is transferred via RFID technology to the Reader and provides data on the weapon’s status in 3 seconds. This fully MIL-STD 810G system includes a 5″ outdoor viewable HD screen, a USB 3.0 PC interface, and a rechargeable 4300 mAh Li-lon battery.

Secubit Weaponry Maintenance System Data
Secubit Weaponry Maintenance System Data

The Dashboard application provides data analysis and comprehensive representation of weapon’s condition and inventory management. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher and is integration-ready. Both the Reader and The Dashboard applications provide usage data and analytics reflecting the weapon’s operational status for preventative and precise maintenance, along with inventory management features.

LAAD 2019, Rio, Brazil, April 2-5, Hall 4, Stand P.55

About Secubit

Secubit is a leader in advanced weapon readiness, operational capability, and maintenance solutions. Using advanced hardware, software and signal processing algorithms, the company’s dedicated, highly trained and experienced engineers, ex-special operations officers and weapon specialists, develop state-of the-art solutions. These systems automatically collect and store comprehensive weapon firing data and provide advanced analytics for optimized maintenance, improved performance and exceptional weapon readiness. The company’s growing list of global customers reflects its strong, competitive, timely, and tailored offerings ‒ as well as exceptional customer service.

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