SEAL 1 Announces New High-Tech Lubricant and Protectant for Modern Compound Bows

SEAL 1 CLP Plus - Bow Pro
SEAL 1 CLP Plus – Bow Pro

Coronado, CA -( SEAL 1 CLP Plus; The makers of a proven line of USDA Certified Biobased high-tech anti-gunk firearm and machine lubricant and protectant, are happy to announce their newest offering: Bow Pro, a highly effective archery protectant line for crossbows and compound bows.

Today’s compound bows are a far cry from the traditional long bow; some of these bad boys can launch arrows at more than 300 feet per second. They are complicated, though, and the components require proper maintenance and lubrication to keep them working right.

SEAL 1 Bow Pro offers two specific forms of their environmentally friendly cleaner, lubricant and protectant (CLP) for these high-velocity bows. Formulated for highly effective lubrication and positive water repelling, this no-dry-out product prevents corrosion on the aluminum parts of these bows.

First is the Bow Pro push pen applicator filled with Bow Pro Liquid. Just push the felt tip against the bow component or string and the CLP Bow Pro liquid is precisely applied. MSRP $12.99. It’s excellent for field use and also makes a great release agent for coating arrows so they can be easily removed from 3D targets.

Second is a one-ounce jar of Bow Pro paste CLP for more intense application to bow pulley axels and contact points, and more intensive bowstring maintenance. MSRP $9.95.

Bow Pro Archery products are also great for crossbow components and the rail to reduce wear and tear on the string and serving area.

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