Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point

Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point
Save a Fist Full of Dollars with Hi-Point

Dayton, OH-( Hi-Point combination means real savings and real performance.

There are a few folks left in the country who cannot or will NOT spend $600.00-$1,500.00 for a handgun or $895.00-$1,600.00 for a carbine. And, if one were to desire a matching combo from the same company–that can really get painful if even available. Hi-Point makes this all possible!

Using the popular Hi-Point .45ACP as an example. One can get an all American made Hi-Point semi-auto pistol for an MSRP of just $189 and match it up with a .45ACP Hi-Point Carbine for an additional $349 MSRP.

The result is a great robust, accurate, hard-hitting, cost-effective magazine compatible combination gun set at a FULL RETAIL of only $538 that is warranted for life to the gun (not just the original buyer).

Affordable Hi-Point firearms are intentionally not cute little pretty guns. Hi-Points can be tossed in a tackle box or in a pickup floor without the owner breaking into tears. And who cares about holster wear–this is America’s working man’s gun (ladies too of course).

So, if saving a few hundred to a couple thousand bucks that can be spent on ammunition or even more Hi-Point firearms is your cup of tea, a Hi-Point is the gun to buy.

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