Sanders, NBC and Yahoo! Perpetuate Inexcusable Lie on ‘Assault Weapons’

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Scaring people into thinking semiautomatic weapons are the same thing as automatic weapons is an old lie the antis find useful to dust off every so often for a new crop of gullible marks.

“I believe that in this country, we should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people,” Bernie Sanders told NBC News in a quote perpetuated by Yahoo! News.

There have been no reports that the killer used a machine gun. New reports say an accomplice is being sought and some of the nightclub victims may have even been shot by police. What’s happening here is  Sanders and his media parrots are continuing to exploit public ignorance about guns, something glowingly endorsed by Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center as far back as 1988:

“The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

So between a national socialist who has been voting on gun legislation at the federal level since the Eighties and two major “news” organizations, what can the excuse possibly be except that they are all either so incompetent they don’t even know what they’re agitating for — or they’re liars?

After seeing the premeditated deception NBC “News” pulled with an  “exploding” GM truck, and the way Yahoo “News” is sticking by Katie Couric’s  deceptive and evidently criminal brand of “journalistic ethics,” I’m leaning toward option B with a heavy dose of Option A.

As for Sanders, the old pinko was elected to the House in 1991 and the Senate in 2007. He’s been party to plenty of gun owner control bills.  Does he really expect us to believe he had no idea what it was he’s been voting on, and what it is he wants to ban? Really?  And he wants to be president?

A president who was co-founder of the so-called “Progressive Caucus” along with, among others, another “key player … the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which has maintained a close alliance with the Caucus ever since”…?

DSA is the domestic arm of Socialist International — Stalin, you’ll recall, led the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, whereas Hitler headed up the National Socialists. A lie of the left is that Nazis weren’t really what their name claimed, but anyone who has looked beyond the sound bites knows that’s just another deception, and the bitter enmity between totalitarians was essentially one of rival gangs. Basically, these are the folks who want to supplant freedom with a plague that has produced tyranny, misery and genocide since it first broke out to torment humanity.

DSA devoted a page on their website to hymns glorifying their “struggle” (i.e., what Hitler called “Mein Kampf” ). The following in particular should be of special interest, since the people they’re talking about, the “bourgeoisie,” are those of us who aren’t “the propertyless proletariat”! And they really explain (better than anything I could say) why the socialists need to take away our guns:

Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie (Traditional American song, sung in rounds to the tune of “Frere Jacques”).

Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie
And when the revolution comes
We’ll kill you all with knives and guns
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie


Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie, See How They Run (Usually sung in rounds after “Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie”- Sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”.)

Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,
See how they run
See how they run
And when the revolution comes,
We’ll kill them all with knives and guns
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie

The problem is, you can’t find those on the DSA website any more — they took them down. They don’t want you to see them any more. Back in 2008 I posted a piece written years earlier (Joseph Farah of World Net Daily wrote about the songs in 1998) and I noted they had been removed by DSA, and further, that the “disappearing” of inconvenient information for purposes of historical revisionism was a trick for mass manipulation right out of the “progressive” playbook.

Fortunately, we have the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine,” that preserves a record of the songs on the DSA site, presumably reflecting the approval of party members like Bernie, who demand we be disarmed while calling us the extremists and the haters. For all their talk about egalitarian power sharing, they sure are stingy with the firepower. And they sure are bloodthirsty whenever they achieve a monopoly of violence.

We’re being played right now in a blood-dancing, eye-rolling feeding frenzy of political and media sharks,hungry for rights they have no claim to.  We’re seeing all kinds of calls for enacting the “terror watchlist,” and for banning what Sanders and his willing Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists are trying to lull the ignorant into thinking semi-autos are machine guns. There’s even a hive insect out there, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, claiming it’s “common sense” to ignore due process and ban gun purchases from “anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime or who received a hate crime sentence enhancement, and prohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime [emphasis added].” (Presumably, any existing firearms would then need to be confiscated, or what’s the point?)

Plenty of other sources will be telling you about all the renewed demands for infringements from Obama, from Hillary, from Chuck Schumer and others in the coming days.  For now, understand the character of those who want your guns so badly they’ll drag out old lies to swindle those who haven’t heard them before.  And understand what they sing about doing to you.

Are you sleeping?

Why not share the songs with your fellow gun owners and any misguided/deluded Bernie supporters you might know. Ask them if they are.