Salamanca Attack Murders 15 in Gun Free Mexico

Salamanca Attack Murders 15 in Gun Free Mexico
Salamanca Attack Murders 15 in Gun Free Mexico

U.S.A. –-( The murderers in Salamanca arrived in three vans before dawn Saturday morning. Armed attackers came into the club and shot people on the dance floor. Fifteen people were murdered and an additional seven were injured. Mexican police have no suspects in custody. How did this atrocity happen?

Civilian gun ownership is effectively prohibited in Mexico. Criminals fear neither their victims nor law enforcement. Because of Mexican gun laws, the victims were disarmed, but the attackers armed themselves with illegal guns.

Gun control failed again and made things worse in “gun-free” Mexico.

The reason is painfully obvious and widely ignored by Socialist politicians everywhere. Government doesn’t defend us. It can’t do so in Mexico and it can’t do so where you live. The police arrive after the crime has been committed, not during the attack and not before it. At best, government law enforcement can try to prosecute criminals for past crimes.

If the police can’t defend us, then who can? Government firearms prohibitions disarm the citizens who obey gun laws. So called “gun control” doesn’t disarm criminals because criminals break our laws, though politicians claim otherwise. The claim that gun control fails isn’t speculation; we have solid evidence that gun laws don’t disarm criminals or reduce crime in either the USA or in Mexico. None of them work, not background checks, not firearms registration, and not weapons bans. Criminals ignore those laws and criminals are the ones using guns in violent attacks like the one in Salamanca.

That failure doesn’t stop the spokesmen for gun-prohibition from proposing more gun-control. They claim that ink on paper keeps blood off the dance floor. We saw how well that works. Gun-free Mexico has a murder rate several times higher than the USA. At some point, I wonder if the gun-prohibition advocates are actually working for the criminals. That supposition has some credibility since more than 130 politicians were murdered in the six months leading up to Mexican elections last year. Criminals prefer disarmed victims.

Much of this violence in Mexico is caused by US drug prohibition. That is the same root cause of most of the murders here in the USA. Shame on the US for that. With Mexico voting for more government control under Socialism, I expect to see political violence increase since there is more power and wealth for politicians to control and gangs to fight over.

I can’t blame Mexico and Mexicans for foolish firearms prohibitions. Not when we have so many similar laws in the US.. and foolish people who believe them too.

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