Safeguard Armor Releases the Ghost White Body Armor

Safeguard Armor Ghost White Body Armor
Safeguard Armor Ghost White Body Armor
Safeguard Armour
Safeguard Armour

Colorado – -(  Safeguard Armor LLC is announcing a new completely covert vest that balances the need for excellent protection with comfort with an extremely lightweight product that is able to defend against the wide variety of threats facing users today.

The GHOST is available as a white armor model that makes it difficult to see when worn under a white or light colored shirt, discreet is the goal. It also comes in black. While some vests can be bulky and hot when worn for long lengths of time, this is not so with the GHOST, which is designed with a Coolmax Carrier, which assists with transpiration by being completely breathable even if worn for long periods.

Recognizing that one of the reasons for wearing a covert vest under clothing is to prevent people from knowing you have it on, the GHOST is designed with adjustable Velcro Shoulder and Waist straps which provides comfortable contoured fitting, which enables it to be truly concealed. This feature, in addition to offering comfort and concealment, also offers increased some blunt trauma protection.

Despite these comfort and covert features, the GHOST does not do so by trading off safety. The GHOST vest is able to house up to 3a soft Kevlar panels as well as Triple threat Protection, including Ballistic, Edged blade and Spike Protection.

Like all other Safeguard Armor LLC models, the GHOST satisfies the requirements set forth by the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) Voluntary Body Armor Compliance Testing Program. The program is designed to ensure that users whether they are in law-enforcement or simply individuals who need protection from threats, are able to be protected against likely threats expected throughout the next decade and be defended from the increased velocities of ammunition calibers.

Whether you are in law-enforcement or simply needing a vest for personal protection, with a variety of threats facing individuals today beyond that of traditional bullets, the GHOST is a welcome addition to any defensive arsenal.

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